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Technique of the Week: Inside Trip and Arm Drag – Long Island MMA

Long Island MMA wrestling coach Kyle Cerminara demonstrates the inside trip and an arm drag with MMA fighter Sarah Thomas.

Inside Trip:

Starting from a 50-50 tie-up, also known as a over hook, under hook, with your head positioned on the opposite side of the under hook. Pull your opponent so their lead leg comes forward. Step your back leg to your front leg and reach between.

Arm Drag: 

From the same tie-up, but with an under hook on the other side. Control the elbow with the thumb on the inside, pushing down the arm, releasing your under hook from the other side, but grabbing the triceps with your far arm. Pull the arm through, dragging your opponent to the ground taking their back.

Watch the video below for both moves with Long Island MMA wrestling coach Kyle Cerminara and fighter Sarah Thomas.

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