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Technique of the Week: UFC ‘s Chris Wade’s Headlock Throw

At UFC Fight Night 81, Lightweight rising star Chris Wade neutralized his opponent with a headlock throw. Mehdi Baghdad entered the ring with strong Muay Thai skills. Wade decided not to waste time by bringing his foe to the canvas. Wade hit a headlock throw at the start of the fight. Once dragging him to the floor, the Long Island MMA fighter controlled Baghdad throughout the fight before he eventually took his back and sunk in a fight ending rear naked choke.

Wade has used this method of takedown in several of his bouts inside the octagon. It’s a great takedown when an opponent is pushing into you. And, when hitting the canvas, it keeps you out of your opponents guard, placing you in side control with their head and arm already in your possession.

Watch below to see how Chris Wade performs this technique.

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