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Backpack to Banana Split – MyMMANews Technique of the Week

In this week’s MyMMANews ‘Technique of the Week’, Ultimate Fighter winner Colton Smith demonstrates the ‘Backpack’ to ‘Banana Split’. The technique is brought to you by Diamond MM.

Diamond MMA was founded to help protect men from groin injuries.

“I have worn other brands of groin protectors for the past decade and none hold a candle to the Diamond MMA XXXL cup and Medium compression shorts,” Smith said. “This is a piece of equipment you do not want to go cheap with unless your precious jewels are not that important to you.”

In honor of men’s health month, Diamond MMA will be partnered with the Testicular Cancer Foundation to raise awareness and education on the most common form of cancer affecting males aged 15-34.

$5 from every cup sold will go the cause, and an additional donation will be made for anyone who makes a video of themselves testing the cup using the #DiamondMMACupCheck

Check out Diamond MMA on the web at DiamondMMA.com.


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