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Cigar Cutter armbar demonstration – Technique of the Week

The art of jiu jitsu is ever-evolving. Submissions can be added or modified and the glossary of terms is continuously changing.

Jiu Jitsu is all about being able to use little to no strength or no power of your own, and using your opponent’s momentum to manipulate their body.  When someone is resisting your movement, you have other options besides trying to “big boy” them.  Utilize another puzzle piece and make your life a little easier.

One such submission is this Cigar Cutter armbar demonstrated below by Crystal, a blue belt, at 10th Planet Austin, Texas.

From the Z-Guard, obtain an under hook, and then transition to the cigar cutter armbar.

Z-Guard is a position in which the guard player has an open half guard with their top leg framed at an angle across their opponent. This has been made famous in recent years by Australian superstar Craig Jones. Underhooks are when your arm is threaded between your opponent’s torso and their arm allowing for control. Under hooks are preferable to control your opponent and maintain their position to stop an advance in position. An armbar is a straight armlock that hyperextends the elbow joint performed with the arm of the opponent straightened in between the attacker’s legs.

See below.


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