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WLC Signs Mathias Jonsson and Ray J Virajhantorn

WLC Signs Mathias Jonsson and Ray J Virajhantorn

World Lethwei Championship signs two big fighters in Mathias Jonsson and Ray J Virajahntorn. WLC makes their first big signings since the pandemic took control of Asia in December 2019.

Jonsson is a Swedish kickboxer and world champion. Jonsson is excited to join WLC and put his skills to the test in a new type of action for him. “I am excited to be a part of the World Lethwei Championship organization. Lethwei fans around the world will see me put on the most exciting fights that they have seen. I will go in there and start throwing from the second the bell rings, and there is not going to be a quiet moment. It will be non-stop action, from start to finish I guarantee that!”

Virajahntorn is an Australian-Burmese national champion as well. While fighting is great, Virajahntorn is just excited to go fight where his family is from. “This is an amazing opportunity for me to return to the country of my heritage and proudly represent the Burmese people as we show the world what athletes from Myanmar are capable of. The World Lethwei Championship has elevated lethwei and now is the time for the world to take notice!”

WLC Growing Bigger and Better

WLC President, Zay Thiha, is excited to bring Jonsson and Virajahntorn to the sport of Lethwei. With names like Dave Leduc, Too Too, and Souris Manfredi, the sport is grabbing attention worldwide.

Thiha says, “World Lethwei Championship is the home of the best striking martial artists in the world and it is my pleasure to welcome these champions into our stable of world-class athletes. I expect them to represent the company well and showcase their skills in a World Lethwei Championship ring to excite our fans in the near future!”

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