2018 Awards Show... but who the fook are these guys?

2018 Awards Show… but who the fook are these guys?

I’m fairly recent in contributing to MYMMANEWS.com and I can’t thank Eric Kowal and the team enough.  Been podcasting now for the last 4 years and though being big in the UK we’re now breaking out round the globe.

For our 4th Annual awards show we had 3 categories:

Fight of the Year

Finish of the Year

Year to forget

But my favorite thing of these shows is not just the massive amount of guests we had on, but answering all the the fan questions.  From the serious to the silly they’re all amazing.  And the best question won some prizes thanks to our sponsors.

Please have a listen and check out our show and once again thank you to everyone here’s at MyMMAnews.com looking forward to a bright 2019 with the team


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