Ahmad Ibrahim

Ahmad Ibrahim achieves redemption against Mateo Maldonado at Friday Night Fights

The Ibrahim family is to Muay Thai as the Gracie’s are to BJJ. The family names are synonymous with their respected sport. From Uncle Rami (whom is competing to defend his USKA title in 2 weeks) being the longest active Muay Thai competitor in the Unites States. Now, his nephew, The Palestinian Golden Boy, Ahmad with huge shoes to fill, is making it seem easy as he put his first ever defeat in his blossoming professional career to rest…Defeating the only man to narrowly split a decision with the young man, Ahmad Ibrahim accomplished that and so much more last weekend at Friday Night Fights.

The Ibrahim family has always worn the Palestinian flag high to represent their home country and fight for them, even when the country is at war. The Ibrahim family finds solace knowing that not only do they enter the ring with blood (Rami and Ahmad) but with the country of Palestine proudly supporting their star athletes in the great sport of Muay Thai.

I had the pleasure to speak with Ahmad just days after his win that put his sole loss to rest. He speaks about everyday life, teaching his craft as well as carrying their precious home country’s flag high above their head. Tune in below as Ahmad “The Palestinian Golden Boy” goes head to head with MyMMANews’ own, Adam Crist!


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