AKA 22 Shines Bright In The Paragon Casino Resort

AKA 22 Shines Bright In The Paragon Casino Resort

American Kombat Alliance returned to the Paragon Casino Resort in Marksvillie, Louisiana for their AKA 22 show on Friday, July 22, 2022. The 11-fight card featured fighters from the flyweight division all the way to heavyweights. Along with a strong showing by the amateurs on the card, the three professional fights did not let down the crowd at all.

Catchweight Bout Sipho Nkosi vs Michael Bryant (130lbs)

Stepping into the AKA cage with a two-inch reach advantage over his opponent, Sipho Nkosi took to the night’s opener against Michael Bryant at a 130lb-catchweight matchup. Nkosi starts out the action an overhand, leading to Bryant wrapping up Nkosi on the cage. Eventually, Nkosi is able to get the takedown and took the top position. It was all Nkosi in the first round, landing his strikes from the top leading to the end of the round.

Continuing the second round where he left off, Nkosi lands a big hook, staggering Bryant. Nkosi slipped on a high kick attempt, leading to Bryant getting the top position on the mat. The submission attempts were starting to come into play for Nkosi, attempting an armbar twice but could not quite get it locked in. Though Bryant took the top control, Nkosi looked to be the more comfortable fighter on the mat. Bryant did attempt an arm triangle submission of his own but was unable to get on the correct side to lock it in.

Bryant started out the third round in control, securing the takedown. Nkosi attempted an armbar for the third time this contest, but Bryant was able to roll free out of it. Nkosi made the best of being in the bottom position, landing a few hammer-fists. When the judges’ decisions were read, Bryant was announced the winner via spit decision.

Featherweight Showdown Clark Gunter vs Corey Stewart (Featherweight)

With a towering six-inch height advantage, Clark Gunter stepped into his featherweight showdown hoping to use that advantage against a tough wrestler in Corey Stewart. Both fighters were utilizing their kicks early to find their range. Stewart was trying to figure out his way in on the taller fighter. After throwing a combo, Gunter slips leading to Stewart getting the top position. Gunter attempted a guillotine choke but was a little too far up on the head to but Stewart in any real danger. After returning to their feet, Stewart secured the takedown with about 15 seconds to go.

The second round saw Stewart start to find way in on Gunter, landing a nice left hand. Stewart threw the wheel kick again and each time it seems to get closer and closer to the mark. On the missed Gunter kick, Stewart shoots in and gets the takedown. With about 1:40 left in the round, Gunter looked to be running out of steam. A low blow at the 2:20 mark led to a short pause in the action. As the round came to an end, Gunter began to unleash the body kicks while Stewart connected on an overhand.

A second low blow stopped the action again just seconds into the third round. After a return to action, Stewart secures another takedown. Gunter scores big points with a heavy overhand that lands on Stewart’s face after Stewart slipped onto his back attempting the wheel kick again. As time began to expire, Gunter attempted a guillotine choke, throwing shots to the body as well. When the decision was announced, Stewart was deemed the victor via unanimous decision.

Fireworks Early In Shaine Ferrier vs Jackson Rider (Featherweight)

The third matchup of the night looked like it might end early with the high-pace of action put out by featherweights Shaine Ferrier and Jackson Rider. A big “1-2” combo by Ferrier dropped Rider just seconds into the contest. Ferrier kept the pressure on, but Rider remained vigilant, ever on the move on the mat to avoid the contest being called. Somewhere in their scramble, Rider caused a cut over Ferrier’s left eye. Rider did not leave the scrambled unscathed either with the left side of his face starting to swell. With the action slowing down a bit, the fighters looked for a striking opportunity. Rider grabs for the single-leg takedown but is unable to do so before the round ends.

The first 30 seconds of the round saw both fighters being a bit more cautious of their foe. Ferrier threw a few shots but nothing near as intense as our first round. Rider scores first with a takedown after wrestling down Ferrier from the cage. After returning to the feet, Ferrier attempted a takedown but Rider was able to deliver a knee while the two were wrapped up on the cage. The third round saw more of Ferrier’s strike, eventually busting open the nose of Rider near the cage. When the decision was read, Ferrier walked out of the AKA cage as the victor via unanimous decision.

Jordan Mays vs Jacob Benavides (Flyweight)

Jordan Mays entered the contest with an astounding 12” reach advantage. Jacob Benavides started with leg kicks early but Mays was able to get a big slam takedown, ending with the back of Benadvides. Mays is able to get a RNC but Benavides able to roll out of it and end up in the top position. Benavides attempted an armbar for a second but Mays able to get out of it while standing to end out our first round.

A brief exchange between the two started out on the cage with Mays betting the better of the striking exchanges. Benavides scores the takedown, but Mays is able to get to his feet right away. After returning to the mat, Benavides was able to get the full mount, taking Mays’ back after he attempts to roll out of the bottom of the full mount. The ground dominance continued for Benavides, landing a few shots heading to the end of the round.

Seeing the success he was having on the mat, Benavides initiates a takedown to start the round but eats a few shots on the entry. He’s able to get Mays to the mat, seated with his back to the cage. Once flat on the mat, Mays’ body triangle from the body limited Benavides’ movement. After the standup is called for, Benavides is able to secure another takedown leading to his unanimous decision victory.

The Lightweights Take The Stage; Jose Duran vs Colton Kopszywa (Lightweight)

Both Jose Duran and Colton Kopszywa came out with guns blazing, looking to take over the contest early. The round continues with each fighter scoring takedowns, making the first round a close call. A leg kick by Duran to start the second actually dropped Colton to the mat. After Colton returns to his feet, Duran clinches and scores heavy strikes on Colton. The ground specialist in Duran is able to secure another takedown as well as delivering a big shot standing over Colton.

The third round was more all Duran as he opened the round with a body kick, followed by a series of “1-2” strikes. Duran followed up the solid striking with a takedown. Eventually, Duran is able to get the back of Colton, raining in the shots as well. Duran was very close to earning the referee stoppage, but Colton was doing just enough to stay in the contest. Continuing his work on the ground, Duran locked in an armbar, earning the third-round submission victory.

First Round Victory; Jerad Carranza vs Forrest Jones (Welterweight)

The first of two first-round stoppages came in our welterweight showdown between Jerad Carranza and Forrest Jones. Carranza was firing his leg kicks early while Jones’ jab was finding its home. Jones is able to secure the takedown and begins working for the rear-naked choke. While continue to work for submissions, Carranza verbally submitted after twisting up his arm behind him. Hopefully, no major injury was sustained, but led to Jones being awarded the first-round victory.

Heavyweights Take To The Cage; Kody Vesenosky vs Chris Reed (Heavyweight)

In the first of our two heavyweight bouts to close out the amateur portion of the card, Kody Vesenosky took to the cage to battle Chris Reed. Reed was eager to show off is takedown game, shooting for the single leg, eventually getting the takedown.

Final Amateur Bout; La Jerrick Taylor vs Michael Sullivan (Heavyweight)

This contest was all about the wrestling and round game of La Jerrick Taylor. Consistently throughout the three rounds of action, Taylor worked the takedowns and continued to keep the pressure on Sullivan. Taylor dominated in the control time and left the judges a very easy decision to award him the unanimous decision in the night’s final amateur battle.

Rising Louisiana Star Shines; Jesse Roberts vs Cody Mitchell (Lightweight)

The night’s first professional bout did not disappoint as Louisiana’s own, Jesse Roberts, took to the AKA cage looking to remain undefeated. The man across the cage hoping to derail the hype train was Cody Mitchell. Mitchell rushed in quickly looking to lay the pressure on quick. Roberts answered with a front kick and then the head kick. Roberts was able to wrestle down Mitchell, earning the takedown. Controlling the ground game in all positions, Roberts began landing big shows and forearms from the top mount, leading to the calling of the contest, naming Roberts the winner via first-round TKO.

Amazing Title Fight; David Bosnick (C) vs Michael Barnett (Featherweight)

The night’s co-main event for the AKA featherweight championship did not disappoint. Champion David Bosnick returned to the cage to once again defend his title but this time against a dangerous striker in Mike Barnett. Barnett showed his amazing speed in the first round, working the leg kicks and the jab. Bosnick had his moments as well, especially when Barnett would try to work his way in close, landing the upper cut a few times on Barnett. Barnett continued to find his strikes, creating a cut between the eyes of Bosnick. Barnett was also finding a home for the double jab, but Bosnick was able to land a leg kick that momentarily took Barnett off his feet leading to the end of the first round.

Round Two

Round two stared with an exchange of leg kicks. Barnett started to lace together the combos on his striking, slipping in uppercuts. The solid striking of Barnett continued with more strikes finding the mark.; Bosnick was answering the strikes of Barnett with a leg kick to each strike. The “1-2” combo was finding it’s home for Barnett regardless of the leg kicks being absorbed. As customary for Bosnick, he remained in the pocket, eating strikes to give one of his own.

Round Three

The third round of action as was a huge turning point in the contest. Bosnick opened up in the third, landing his own combos. The champion landed a hard body kick to Barnett, sending him to the mat. Bosnick continued to rain down shots and throw the elbows putting Barnett in dire straits. Barnett attempted to get back to his feet, but Bosnick was able to get him back to the mat and get his back, getting the rear-naked choke. Barnett was able to return to his feet rather quickly and started throwing his combos with Bosnick going back to the body kick.

Championship Rounds 

Barnett started the championship rounds throwing the high hook looking for a connection while Bosnick continued to look for this body kick. Bosnick was still eating the shots of Barnett to get in close enough to land his own shots. Nice upper cut found the mark for Bosnick. The fourth round really saw Bosnick come alive after his solid third round. A hard cross by Bosnick finds the mark, continue his impressive round. Barnett looked to be letting off the gas just a bit while Bosnick was stepping on it.

It all came to the fifth and final round to determine who the AKA featherweight champion would be to close out the night. Barnett looked to have recover from his rough rounds three and four starting out the fifth. Bosnick was switching stances to try and throw off Barnett, but Barnett’s big hook still found the mark. This round was a true back-and-forth affair with Bosnick pressing Barnett to the cage with about one minute to go. The judges had a tough one to call in this one and the unanimous decision was announced, naming Bosnick the winner, retaining his championship.

Veteran Showdown; Chauncey Foxworth vs Eric Scallan

The main event featured to long-time veterans on the regional scene with Chauncey Foxworth of Off The Chain MMA and Eric Scallan of Gladiators Academy of Youngsville. Both fighters fire off body kicks with Scallan eventually getting the takedown, immediately into side control. The fighters returned to their feet with Foxworth trying to press the pace but Scallan able to get another takedown. Foxworth pressed the pace again and Scallan continued to look for a takedown, but Foxworth separated and Scallan shot back in for a takedown with it getting stuffed. With both fighters pressed to the cage, Foxworth finished the round with a huge strike.

The second round started with Scallan opening up with leg kicks and eventually shoots in for the takedown. Foxworth was able to press Scallan to the cage and get him in the seated position; A big knee was landed to Scallan’s chest as he shot in for the takedown. Foxworth kept the pressure on with Scallan seated to the cage.

In the final frame of action, Scallan attempted the superman punch but is able to convert it to a takedown on the miss. Foxworth was able to get the north-south control on the mat. Both fighters returned to their feet with 2:40 to go. Scallan shot in but was stuffed by Foxworth who, again, stuffed another takedown try. Scallan looked gassed going into the end of the third round Foxworth found his shots, delivering big rib shots with one minute to go. Foxworth closed out strong, letting the shots go with about ten seconds to go. When the decision was read, Foxworth walked away with the strong unanimous decision win.

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