Anthony Pettis dominates & submits Myles Price early at PFL 3

The Professional Fighters League returns to us tonight, May 6, 2022, for PFL 3 – 2022, going down live from the Esports Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Headlining the event is two-time Olympic gold medalist (Judo) and two-time PFL women’s lightweight champion Kayla Harrison, who aims to take out six-time Sambo world champion Marina Mokhnatkina.

Tonight’s feature fight of the night showcased former WEC & UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis, who faced Irish talent Myles Price. Continue reading to see how this lightweight bout went down:

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Official Result: Anthony Pettis def. Myles Price via submission (mounted triangle choke) at 4:17 of round one

Price opens up the bout shooting on a single leg takedown, which is immediately stuffed. He eats a nasty uppercut while still on his knees, followed by a number of punches once falling to his back.

It looked like this fight might have been over before it even started.

Price is able to tough it out however, but is kept on his back for some time. He’s attempting submissions, but nothing is close to being secured, as Pettis is successfully using his top pressure we didn’t really know he had.

Pettis moves to take the back as Price attempts a getup, and does momentarily, before Price opportunistically spins into his guard. However, he falls right into a triangle choke.

The choke isn’t at a great angle, and he’s able to survive it for a little bit. But, as soon as Pettis adjusted it and put Price’s arm across his face, Price panicked and ended up in a mounted triangle where he was forced to tap.

After going 0-2 last season in 2021, Pettis secures his first victory, and finish inside the PFL cage. He now leads the lightweight standings for the 2022 season with six points.

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