Going into the main event at Bellator 181 it was getting tough to knock out the shots needed for the night.  And with the exception of a couple of fights I was getting a bit bummed out honestly.

Between Logan Storley’s quick TKO, Joe Warren’s pressure against the cage strategy to keep Steve Garcia tied up, and Big John McCarthy casually walking between myself and what could of been a money shot, that my friends pretty much summed up my night for the most part.

And yet there were some high points as well!  Capturing Katy Collins taking the back of Bruna Vargas during the last minute of the 3rd, knowing she just secured the victory was a plus.  I always put alot of pressure on myself to make sure I get something good when shooting fighters that follow me on social media and help promote my photography.

And then there was Rafael Lovato Jr’s quick win against Mike Rhodes. I didn’t really get the fight photos I wanted during the fight, but yet I got something more important. The passion and love he has for fighting, his team, and his family. It was one of those real life moments you sometimes just have to sit back and take in.

Oh and then there was that Girtz/Campos fight.

One Happy Backpack
Probably the last human youd ever want taking your back
Post Victory
Alot of love from teammates and family that night
Steve Garcia making the most of what few chances he had to strike


Campos coming out strong early on Girtz
Girtz still attacking after taking a vicious knee to the fore head
Campos still attacking w the knee


In the end the cut was just to bad for Big John and the docs to let the fight continue

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