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EBI 9 Results:  Garry Tonon wins third Eddie Bravo Invitational title Event Results MMA News 

EBI 9 Results: Garry Tonon wins third Eddie Bravo Invitational title

EBI 9 Results: Garry Tonon wins third Eddie Bravo Invitational title

Garry Tonon has done it again.

On Sunday the Eddie Bravo Invitational crowned its first light heavyweight champion, in a 16-man, submission-only event, that streamed live on UFC Fight Pass, from the Orpheum Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles.

Tonon was the man that survived the bracket to win his third EBI title, and he did it on short notice as he came in for an injured Gordon Ryan.

Ryan suffered a cut before the event and Tonon who is the EBI lightweight and welterweight champion stepped up to the plate and did so in spectacular fashion.

Below is a quick clip of the finals between Tonon and Vinny Magalhaes.

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Garry Tonon vs. Jimmy Friedrich • Tonon via Heel Hook
Adam Sachnoff vs. Rodrigo Antunes • Sanchoff via submission in overtime
Guybson Sa vs. Daniel O’Brien • O’Brien via inside Heel Hook
Travis Moore vs. Kyle Boehm • Boehm via Trachea Choke

Vinny Magalhaes vs. Tom Breese • Magalhaes via Heel Hook
Eliot Kelly vs. Jacen Flynn • Kelly via overtime
Matt Kirchwehm vs. Ryan Walsh • Kirchwehm overtime fastest escape
Daniel Strauss vs. Quentin Rosenzweig • Strauss via americana


Tonon vs. Sanchoff • Tonon via Inside Heel Hook
Daniel O’Brien vs. Kyle Boehm • O’Brien via submission in overtime
Magalhaes vs Elliot Kelly • Magalhaes via submission in overtime
Matt Kirchwehm vs Daniel Strauss • Kirchwehm via submission in overtime


Tonon vs O’Brien • Tonon via fastest escape in overtime
Magalhaes vs Kirchwehm • Magalhaes via Kimura


Tonon vs Magalhaes • Tonon via fastest escape in overtime

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