Grappling Industries Debuts in Manhattan Saturday, March 12, 2016

This Saturday in Manhattan, Grappling Industries has a BJJ Gi and No Gi Round Robin Tournament taking place at Baruch College. The event will have ten absolute divisions that will be awarding cash prizes. The afternoon will be topped off with a super match between Eddie Cummings and Mansher Khera.

Throughout Baruch College’s basketball gymnasium 12 mats will be setup for competition. The brackets are broken down to age, degree of competitors belt, and weight class. The Gi Super Absolute all male white belt bracket contains 13 competitors. The Gi Super Absolute all male blue belt bracket contains 22 grapplers.  The GSA purple belt bracket and brown and black belt bracket only has three competitors. The all female GSA white/blue belt bracket contains seven women.

The all female NoGi Super Absolute all belt bracket is filled with 7 women. The weight class is open. The NoGi Super Absolute all male all belt absolute -170 bracket is filled with 12 grapplers. In the NoGi Super Absolute all male all belt +170 bracket has 11 fights with single elimination.

Fight time for each bout is 5-minutes.


Mansher Khera highlight video.


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Schedule and Brackets for the Grappling Industries Round Robin Tournament.

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