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High-Quality Trailer Parts From BPW

Regarding aftermarket parts for trucks and generally truck and trailer parts, it’s always quality over price anytime. High-quality trailer parts are must-haves for safety during the vehicle’s operation, making them worthwhile investments.

The industry has various household names developing, designing, and manufacturing trailer parts. But notable creations include the high-quality trailer parts from BPW. The brand has proven to be a market leader in high-performance parts for heavy vehicles. These parts offer performance, reliability, safety, and cost-effectiveness. The famous German engineering is a plus that’s hard to ignore.


What Makes BPW Unique?


BPW Transpec in Australia and BPW Transport Efficiency in New Zealand are both wholly owned subsidiaries of Germany’s BPW: the industry leader in original equipment and aftermarket parts for trucks and trailers. Moreover, it is based in a country known for superior vehicle and component manufacturing. The Australian and New Zealand organisations make sure that the products are made with a significant focus on the local circumstances to ease the concerns of truck operators.


Below is a range of BPW truck parts:


·       Trailer axles

The brand has enhanced its trailer axles for over seven decades, aiming to constantly exceed industry standards. BPW’s trailer axles are designed and developed in Germany. Still, they are tried and tested in the harshest local conditions to ensure they incorporate unrivalled longevity and reliability qualities.

BPW boasts cutting-edge trailer axles with capacities up to 30 tonnes. Its proven track record of success is also worth considering. It’s not a surprise that they are widely regarded as the strongest, safest, and most cost-effective axles on the market.


·       Suspension systems

BPW is most famed for its quality trailer and air suspension systems. The brand’s keen attention to detail ensures that all components, including air springs and Z springs, are meticulously designed and developed with a concentration on exemplary workmanship. Drivers and operators can trust the BPW suspension system to deliver excellent performance even in the most challenging conditions.

Moreover, there are suspension systems for low-weight configurations and other products made specifically for highway and off-road applications up to 14 tonnes per axle. This way, you can easily choose what works best for your circumstances. You can also pick from mechanical suspension systems whose axle loads range from 9 to 20 tonnes.


·       Landing legs

Landing legs come in handy when separating the semi-trailer of heavy vehicles by supporting the front end. Typically, landing legs have two gears, high and low, used when the trailer is either empty or loaded. The BPW signature leaves truck drivers with avant-garde landing legs that provide reliability, stability, and strength. This is with or without high weights.

Additionally, the legs themselves are light in weight and effortless to use, which makes one question their strength. However, they have adequate power to support the weight. The BPW landing legs have unique features, including the connecting shaft and multi-hole bolt-on plate. Its low crank also enhances speed and the operators’ safety.


·       Ringfeder tow couplings

BPW is also an agent for Ringfeder tow couplings, drawbar eyes, and truck accessories. You cannot mention the most vital parts for semi-trailers and heavy vehicles and fail to incorporate the trailer coupling. It is heavily regulated because of the significant risk to life and property should something go amiss. BPW takes its industrial input seriously, offering top-rate Ringfeder tow couplings.

Ringfeder couplings are made tough to suit the Australian outback and the New Zealand mountainous circumstances. Besides, everything is designed and made with high consideration for heavy-duty applications. Ringfeder couplings and towing eyes are internationally known for their unmatched quality.




Are you searching for original or aftermarket parts for trucks Sydney? BPW is a leader in manufacturing high-performance aftermarket parts for trucks that blend safety and affordability. The brand stands out by offering fair prices while still being the go-to manufacturer for the best and high-quality solutions. Without a doubt, the brand is a perfect partner for any truck driver and fleet operator.




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