Kareem-Abdul Al-Selwady

Kareem-Abdul Al-Selwady latest fighter to challenge Charlie Leary after Brave 9

Kareem-Abdul Al-Selwady was one of the biggest stars coming out of Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions. Against Brazilian Erick “Índio Brabo”, the Jordanian lightweight earned a career-changing TKO victory. Now he’s looking to follow that up with a victory over another KO artist on display at last November’s groundbreaking event.

Al-Selwady joined the likes of Norman Parke, Lucas Mineiro, and Hardeep Rai and challenged Charlie Leary. The Englishman had a great performance at Brave 9, spoiling Daniele Scatizzi’s Lightweight debut with a third-round KO and is campaigning for a title shot against newly-crowned divisional champion Ottman Azaitar.

In an interview with website “Sports Journal“, Al-Selwady says he won’t let Leary jump the line and challenge Azaitar. If the Englishman wants a title shot, he will have to go through him first.

“I saw after his fight, he won and then he goes to His Highness Sheikh Khalid and he points to him like he wants a title shot. He’s definitely not going to get a title shot right away because there are a lot of people in line. I’m the top contender, nobody can say anything about that but it doesn’t matter for me. If he wants to go anywhere near the belt he has to go through me first”, commented Al-Selwady, who praised Leary nonetheless.

“He’s a tough fighter and he’s a good striker as well. I’m a good striker and I’d like to put on a great war for the people. Everyone likes to see a crazy fight, just people hitting each other and blood and I think this would be a good match-up”, analyzed.

Al-Selwady’s KO of Erick “Índio Brabo” below: