Lazar Stojadinovic

Lazar Stojadinovic was 15 when he accidently fought his first MMA fight

Lazar Stojadinovic added gold to his resume on December 12th. The “Bronx Bomber” defeated Isaac Shelton via unanimous decision to capture the Global Legion FC Featherweight title. Stojadinovic was not only happy to bring home gold, but to do it in the “lost year” of 2020 for most prospects meant the world to him.

“It’s a crazy year,” Stojadinovic told MyMMANews. “To come off a 2 fight losing streak, and for all this to happen, I thought it would stop my career. Instead I’m 2-0 in 2020, got a title, I’m rolling right now,” Stojadinovic. “Global Legion has been great, this year has been great for me.”

The 14-7 New Yorker is looking to defend his title for Global in the opening of 2021, but is also open to a short notice UFC bout if any opportunity presents itself.  Stojadinovic competed on DWCS in 2017, losing to Thanh Le. ONE championship has signed Le, who has been dominating ever since his signing, Stojadinovic is leaving all options open, even heading over to ONE for a rematch.

“I think I’ve done enough, I hope I’ve done enough to get something going,” Stojadinovic stated. “Bellator, UFC, ONE, doesn’t matter any of these promotions. If not i’ll defend my Global belt and continue to prove I belong at that next level,” Stojadinovic continued. “I didn’t show my abilities in Contender Series, I want to redeem myself. If I could get signed to ONE, I could redeem myself and that loss with Le.”

Currently on a 2 fight win streak, both coming in 2020, Stojadinovic has also rattled off 10 wins in his last 12 appearances. After beginning his career 4-5, the 31 year old believes his lifestyle changes, and respect of the mental game that goes into the sport, was his true turning point.

“In my beginning, I only cared about boxing,” Stojadinovic began. “I actually began MMA by accident, I was at my cousin’s fight and two people missed weight so they asked me to jump in for one of them, I was only 15 at the time. I fight that night, and ended up enjoying it. I took MMA fights just for the hell of it, I was out of shape and did it just to fight,” Stojadinovic continued. “I wasn’t wrestling, wasn’t doing jiu jitsu. I went pro and still didn’t care about the sport.”

Stojadinovic admitted that he wasn’t taking the sport of mixed martial arts seriously, and after a robbery boxing match, the bronx bomber decided MMA would be his new home.

“I got robbed in boxing, I said screw this, I’m taking MMA seriously,” Stojadinovic stated. “I started wreslting, started grappling, I’m a brown belt now. I found a coach, a team and took the sport more serious, the mentality more serious.”

As for what 2021 holds in store for Lazar Stojadinovic, simply to be ready for anything, any opportunity.

“I’m full time in Vegas now, I train constantly, all day it is all I do. It is unreal over here for a fighter, I train all day, I love training and I’m staying ready for any fight call I’ll get.”


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