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MMA Themed Online Games Select A Fighter Train Play Get Paid

MMA Themed Online Games – Select A Fighter, Train, Play, Get Paid

MMA Themed Online Games Select A Fighter Train Play Get Paid

MMA Themed Online Games – Select A Fighter, Train, Play, Get Paid

One on one fighting, like mixed martial arts or MMA, has become extremely popular and is a big draw for a lot of fans. This is primarily due to the skill of the fighters and who is participating. This is a sport that has also started to find its way onto games at online casinos. If you are looking to play fun MMA themed online games, take a look at what Red Flush Online Casino has to offer. The best thing is you also have the option to play video poker at too.

Very few types of slot games to play online feature MMA fighting. This simply means you will need to look for games that are available. One of the best online slots that has a mixed martial arts theme and is fun to play is Ultimate Fighting Championship. The game has five reels and 20 pay lines that provide a variety of ways to win a big payout. Are you ready to test your skills?


Select a Fighter

Before game play can start, you need to select a fighter. There are 12 of the most popular fighters in the sport you can select. The fighter you have selected will also act as the wild for every spin.


The Expanding Wild

There is a second wild of Golden Wild that is also featured in the game. This wild will appear on the center reel and triggers the Expanding Wild bonus feature. Four symbols will become wild. You will also have the chance to trigger the Expanding Wild feature during a free spin round.


The Big Fight Bonus

The golden championship belt is the symbols that will trigger the Fight Night bonus feature. There will need to be at least one or more symbols displayed on reel one, reel three, and reel five. Players will see a new screen appear with a brand new set of reels. The moves shown on the reels will be performed by the selected fighter. As long as the fighters health or their opponent’s health stays above zero, prizes will be awarded.


The Training Bonus

The two-fists bumping symbols will trigger the Training Bonus feature. Players will need to see at least three or more symbols displayed on reel two, reel three, and reel four. A training opponent is selected to spar with and free spins will be awarded based on your performance.


The Pay Symbols

The Ultimate Fighting Championship slot game has many symbols that are on display. There is a caged octagon, ring girls, a player’s selected fighter, and the Golden Wild symbol. Base symbols will include a Jack, a Queen, a King, and an Ace. Players will also see additional symbols in the game that include the announcer, a speed bag, and the UFC symbol. Certain symbols matches are required for players to get a payout.

One on one fighting slots are a great choice when looking for fun and exciting games. This type of game and more are available to play on a smartphone or tablet for people who are on the go.

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