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Mohammed Usman – ”I could’ve went to any organization, but the PFL gave me the best offer”

Checking in with PFL heavyweight Mohammed Usman

Mohammed Usman is the brother of current UFC Welterweight Champion Kamaru Usman. Mohammed has a current record of six wins with only one defeat and just signed with the Professional Fighters League. Mohammed is looking to make a splash in the Heavyweight Division in the Professional Fighters League.

What have you been doing during this quarantine time to stay busy?

”I’ve been reading a lot and you’re trying to do things that usually haven’t done. I’m still working out four times a week and just trying to stay in shape and to stay focused.

Why did you choose signing with the PFL over all the other organizations?

”At the end of the day it’s about feeding your family, and I believe with signing with the PFL that I can do that.”

What are your thoughts on the PFL holding off on their tournament until 2021?

”What can we say man these are some unprecedented times and I would’ve never guessed that we would be like this right now. At the end of the day anything can change and their doing what’s best for the fighters safe and healthy.”

Why should we believe that you will be the next big thing in Mixed Martial Arts today?

”My fighting style plus my actions prove it and or that I believe it, I know I work hard for it and I know that I’m the next big thing in Mixed Martial Arts today.”

How often do you get to train with your brother (Kamaru Usman,Current UFC Welterweight Champion) and Henri Hoeft?

”I usually spend about three weeks of my camp down their to soak up the knowledge.”

Is there any extra pressure on you to live up to what your brother has done?

”No not at all, I came into fighting for my own reasons and my brother motivates me. But at the end of the day I have to focus on myself and my goals. And I came into this sport to be financially stable.”

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