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New York State Amateur MMA Flyweight Rankings New March 9 2018

Eric Dehm asking questions to the winning fighter.

New York State Amateur MMA Flyweight Rankings – New March 9, 2018


These are the most current New York State Amateur MMA flyweight rankings as of today, March 9, 2018. In order to be ranked, you must be from New York or have fought all of your amateur fights at a New York promotion. In the formula, wins, losses, draws and no contests all weigh into the ranking. In addition, I have factored in Winning percentage, TKO’s, submissions, and amount of titles the fight has won into the Rank Power.

Remember, Not everyone’s information is fully available to us when creating the rankings. We created them for fun and at the request of many fighters. If you believe a fighter was left off, or their information is incorrect, please contact us and we’ll gladly address the issue.

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