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PFL 3 from the Smith Center in Washington, DC

Ray Cooper III vs. Jake Shields Winner Take All at PFL 10

The third time’s the charm for Ray Cooper II and Jake Shields at PFL 10 this weekend in Washington D.C.

PFL 10, Professional Fighters League
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The season started with Ray Cooper III and Jake Shields facing each other as the main event for their division at PFL 3 when these two were last in Washington D.C. The history Shields had with defeating Cooper’s father in 2004 was something used to build a rivalry in a format where one was not needed in a promotion that fighters advance based on their performance. Still, when they fought at PFL 3, Copper let it be known nothing was forgotten.

Shields was able to come back from the loss at PFL 6 in Atlantic City, New Jersey and win enough points to earn a place in the quarterfinals and with a loss to Cooper in his PFL record, he is well aware that he would likely see him again.

When asked about it the last time he fought, Shield’s said, “Yeah I would love to.” He added that it is definitely a rivalry, “I fought his dad twice so it’ll be me and Cooper IV.”

Cooper also said he would not mind facing Shield’s again when he also picked up his second PFL victory at PFL 6. He said that he considers Shields “the toughest guy in this weight class”, and added to him, “he’s the first seed.”

Coincidentally, Cooper is the number one seed and he and Shields, the number eight seed will settle the rivalry once and for all in this weekend’s welterweight bracket at PFL 10.

Who do you think will advance?

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