Real Deal Championship set for inaugural card

Real Deal Championship set for inaugural card

Real Deal Championship is set for their inaugural event Saturday, June 18, 2022. The organization is the brainchild of Dawond Pickney, a professional MMA fighter and promoter based in Arkansas. A dangerous striker in his own right, eight of his career 18 professional wins have come by KO/TKO. According to Tapology, he is the 67-ranked welterweight in the country out of nearly 1,000 fighters. The event will take place at the Champion Community Center in Hot Springs, Arkansas. This first card consists of 16 bouts (14 on main card and two exhibitions) is an all-kickboxing event to eventually be followed by MMA bouts in the future. The main event is set to showcase Off The Chain MMA’s Zack Horowitz and Tyler Skeets of Family Combat Fitness in Fort Smith, Arkansas. If you are in the area, click here to get your tickets now.

Main Event

Tyler Skeets is set to main event a night full of action with 16 bouts. Representing Family Combat Fitness, he has some of the best training in the region under the tutelage of former UFC and PFL standout, Coach Brian Foster. Main eventing for a new, developing organization can be an exciting moment for a fighter. No matter what happens, you will always be connected to the inaugural card and it’s top billing. Skeets is approaching like any other important battle. “I’m always excited to step into the competition. When I fight, where I fight, and who I fight are just details. I love this sport and the life that comes along with it. Being the main event just tells me they know I’ll put on a show and that’s exactly what I intend to do,” Skeets told MyMMANews.

Regardless of this being a kickboxing contest and not a traditional MMA matchup as Skeets is used to competing in, he’s not going to let that hold him back. ” I’m ready for MMA, kickboxing, Jiu-jitsu, wrestling, heck I’d give anyone a run at chess too maybe tic-tac-toe. As far as what the fans can expect, I’m always looking for the finish, but I’m 100% ready to go the distance. High pace high intensity and as much violence as I can’t pack into 3 Minute rounds,” said Skeets.

Andrew Horowitz

Across the cage in the night’s main event will stand Andrew Horowitz of Off The Chain MMA. With some of the best talent in the South to train with, Horowitz has the likes of Bellator and AKA veteran Chauncey Foxworth along with AKA and Peak Fighting veteran Donovan Beard. Not only the first main event of his career, but also the first main event in the history of Real Deal Championship gives the dangerous fighter even more fuel to his fire. “I didn’t think about it that way as being Real Deal’s first ever main event. I am beyond thrilled and excited that I am in the main event. The confidence they have in me and my team has in me in unreal,” Horowitz said in a recording to MyMMANews.

As far as training changes, Horowitz said he cut out wrestling from his normal schedule. “I still do jiu-jitsu. I don’t want to lose that practice,” stated Horowitz. He has also been picking up any extra practice he can get with the top-tier, elite talent in his camp. Whichever way this contest goes, you can guarantee hard-hitting action worthy of a main-event billing.

The First Couple Of Real Deal Championship

Colby Clark

It is not terribly unusual to see couples within the world of MMA. It’s easy for that bond to build with someone who shares a similar love of combat sports as you have. The unusual part comes in when you have a couple competing on the SAME card. That will be the case on the inaugural card of Real Deal Championship when both Jessie Clark and Colby Clark step into the cage for their respective matchups. For Colby, this is a huge opportunity to begin to make his name in the combat sports world. ” I am super excited that Dawond gave us the chance to a part of this! We gonna start of Real Deal Championships with a bang for sure!” Colby told MyMMANews.

As with many other fighters on the card, being a kickboxing bout modifies the training regimen a bit. “It definitely changes the way I prepare as far as my techniques, but other than that I always prepare for a war of a fight because that’s the energy I’m always gonna bring. The fans can definitely expect to see intensity from me I’m gonna be looking for a finish,” said Colby.

Adding to the excitement of being on the first ever RDC card, Colby gets to share the platform with his wife Jessie. “To me being able to compete with my wife is one of the most special things in the world. We not only get to be partners in life but also teammates, motivators, and each other’s fans. I wouldn’t change it for the world! Its not hard for me because I have confidence in myself and her abilities. With that being said, it definitely brings its own set of challenges but I think we have it down pretty good at this point,” stated Colby.

Jessie Clark

With most of her success in her MMA bouts coming on her feet, the kickboxing format might just actually work into the aggressive, standup nature of Jessie. “Well as you know I have lost most of my MMA fights to submission. I’m more confident in my stand up for sure. As far as training it’s an everyday thing. I have just focused more on striking and cardio. As far as what to expect when that door closes, for me to push the fight from start to finish and get my hand raised. Looking to make a statement,” Jessie told MyMMANews.

For her as well, it’s seen as an honor and adds to the excitement to be apart of the organization’s first event. “I’m more than ready to step in that cage. Excited about being on the first card ever!  I see them [OTC MMA] every time I fight. They seem like good people and I’m glad to be part of them taking it to the next level and putting on shows!! I’m going to show up and show out for them,” said Jessie.

The family dynamic is just as important to Jessie. A tandem victory on the night for the duo would make the night even better for the duo. “It’s pretty awesome fighting on the same card, not many people can say that. Its become a whole family thing.. But when it comes to fighting we both take it pretty serious and don’t cut each other any slack. When the door closes all we are focused on is who is in front of us. It’s not to hard for us. If one gets hurt that’s just part of it…”

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