Shahin Naseri, whistleblower in Navid Afkari case, killed in prison

The story of Navid Afkari continues to get even darker as it goes on. According to Radio Farda and Jerusalem Post’s Benjamin Weinthal, the key whistleblower in the Navid Afkari case has mysteriously died in prison. Shahin Naseri was the one to out the Iranian regime saying that he witnessed the “medevil torture” of Afkari while imprisoned.

Naseri has stood by the Afkari brothers since witnessing the imprisonment of Navid’s brothers, Vahid and Habib “because of the baseless hatred and baseless accusations against the citizens of Iran and the violation of the most basic citizenship rights.”

Naseri has reportedly died in prison mysteriously so. Iran, who is so brutal to it’s citizens, likely had him killed among rising protests following the first anniversary of Afkari’s death.

Shahin Naseri then called upon the Iranian citizens to support protests in Khuzestan, Sistan, and Kurdistan. The regime, who is trying to erase Afkari’s martyrdom from public consciousness, is becoming more and more violent to its oppositions.

According to Shahin Naseri, he was arrested shortly before Afkari and witnessed Afkari being beaten by a metal bar and a baton as he was cursed at being told to confess. He recounted a horrible tale saying, “Navid was spread out on the floor with his hands on his head begging them to stop beating him. When I was brought into the station, I saw Navid’s arm was crushed and inflamed. Navid was saying ‘Sergeant Abbasi broke my arm.”

He continues, “I was at the police station for about two months and I witnessed Navid being in pain and discomfort from the broken arm. I saw his hand being struck with my own eyes.”

Here is the full audio translated to English:

Shahin Naseri and Navid Afkari’s Torture

Shahin Naseri is the latest body count in Iran’s evil crusade for control over the image and the country. The Iranian citizens have been revolting about the economic situation and mistreatment of it’s citizens by the government.

Afkari was the Iranian Greco-Roman wrestler who protested against the government in 2018. He was then arrested at the protest for murder. Afkari was brought into prison and, as we’ve read, tortured into a false confession and sentenced to death. The entire sporting world called for mercy but Afkari received none and was executed. Since then, Navid Afkari has become a martyr and a beacon of hope to rally around for the Iranian people. In the past year, the regime has done everything it can to silence protestors and those close to Navid Afkari before his death. But, the movement has only grown bigger with the United for Navid campaign.

It’s been just over a year since Navid Afkari’s murder and Shahin Naseri is only the latest in the trail of bodies and atrocities the country has left behind. Protests in the country are only growing larger which means more bloodshed from the government.

Iran has a history of mistreating athletes. Below is our complete coverage on the country’s human rights violations.

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