Vahid Afkari, brother of Navid, Threatened With Execution in Iran Prison

By Blaine Henry (@BlaineHenryTFL)

My coverage of Iran’s atrocities against it’s athletes started with the execution of Navid Afkari. In that start to things, Afkari was executed by the heinous Iranian government. In addition to his arrest and murder, his two brothers, Habib and Vahid Afkari, were also sentenced to 54 and 27 years in prison for attending the same anti-government protest in 2018 that saw Navid arrested. Now, Vahid Afkari comes out to say that he’s been threatened by high level government members to confess to a crime he didn’t commit or to face execution. The new threats are only the latest in Iran’s latest in human rights violations.

The news was first reported by Irani activist, Masih Alinejad. Read the tweet below.

The other brother of Navid, Habib and Vahid Afkari has tweeted the horrible conditions that his two surviving brothers has endured in Persian. “After 228 days, an informal interrogation session was held only in Vahid’s presence The interrogator did not give permission to access the file, to the video of the beatings, to the medical jurisprudence report of the injuries, and the solitary confinement still continues,” says Saheed.

Iran’s government moves swiftly and brutally when making decisions to push forced confessions and propaganda for the state. Vahid and his brother’s life is in imminent danger. Cries to the IOC about these violations have been met with silence by the committee.

Vahid Afkari and The Story of Navid Afkari

The latest news in the Afkari story has been quite grim. When Navid, Habib and Vahid Afkari were arrested, the trio were tortured and put in solitary confinement for days on end. Navid Afkari was sentenced to two death sentences in September. The decision caught attention of UFC president Dana White and then-president Donald Trump pleading for the Iranian’s life. It was all to no avail as Afkari was executed.

Navid Afkari’s death saw great backlash by the Iranian people. The United For Navid organization was formed to get justice for Navid and to fight further injustice in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Citizens of the country have called out the injustices and for action against the government.

The calls for action has fallen on deaf ears in terms of the government. Since Afkari’s execution, the regime has continued to arrest and execute it’s citizens and athletes. My MMA News has continued it’s coverage in these human rights violations. Stay posted for more information on further news surrounding the atrocities in Iran including Vahid Afkari.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of all of the Iran coverage. We start at the murder of Majid Jamali Fashi and go through the story that we’ve written today.

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