Randa Markos

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Randa Markos believes Luana Pinheiro not being able to continue ‘seemed a bit oversold and suspect’

Randa Markos believes Luana Pinheiro could’ve continued.

At UFC Vegas 25 on Saturday, Markos was likely fighting for her UFC job as he battles a Contender Series veteran in Pinheiro. It was an exciting fight and early on in the first, the Brazilian poked Markos in the eye that cut her eyelid. However, Markos kept fighting, but as they were scrambling on the ground, the Canadian landed an illegal up kick and Pinheiro said she couldn’t continue so Markos was given a DQ loss.

After the fight, Markos took to social media where she believes Pinheiro not being able to continue is a little suspect.

“I’ve been in the fight game for a while now. I’ve never intentionally thrown a illegal blow. It’s a fight, shit is bound to happen. I took three eye pokes (requiring stitches and loss of vision) and never thought for a second that I wasn’t going to continue. I had such a good camp training with @travislutter, @cdpowertrain and @adams.justin1 in Texas and was ready to showcase my skills for the greatest fight promotion in the world. Yes my foot grazed her but that my opponents Inability to continue seemed a bit oversold and suspect. I let her know after the eye poke that I wasn’t leaving that cage without a win and she stole that from me.
I’m excited about whatever is next. I have a tone of heart in me that needs to be let out. Thank you to everyone that helped me with this camp. I love you all and I’ll be back soon #ufc #quietstorm #mma #easywayout #littlebitch.” Markos wrote on Instagram.

With the DQ loss, Randa Markos fell to 10-11-1 and is on a four-fight losing skid. It’s uncertain if the Canadian will remain a UFC fighter given she is on a losing skid. But, perhaps the promotion gives her one more due to the nature of how the fight ended.

Regardless, Markos isn’t happy with how the fight ended and believes the Brazilian could’ve continued after the illegal kick.

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