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Alberto Del Rio Indicted In Kidnapping and Sexual Assault Case

Former WWE star and Combate Americas fighter, Alberto Del Rio, has been indicted on kidnapping and sexual assault charges according to NBC San Antonio.

A grand jury indicted him on one count of kidnapping and four of sexual assault and could face up to 99 years in prison.

These charges stem from Del Rio’s arrest last May where his accuser stated that Alberto Del Rio hit her over the head and had her feeling, “woozy and dizzy from the hits to her head.” After that, the accuser said Del Rio shoved a sock in her mouth to which she couldn’t breathe.

Later, Del Rio allegedly forced her to put a dress on and dance for him and if she cried he would, “take her son and drop him in the middle of the road somewhere.”

Del Rio’s actions were against his ex-girlfriend and in addition to sexually assaulting her, he allegedly struck her upside the head, left several bruises on her in multiple spots. In addition to all that, he allegedly smashed her laptop, phone, and attempted to burn her passport as well.

Alberto Del Rio’s Struggles

Alberto Del Rio has been on the skids lately and this most recent incident shows an even sadder story. Del Rio fought in Pride and Deep before retiring from MMA all together and pursued professional wrestling. Del Rio, who is 43, made his return in 2019 for Combate Americas where he fought, and lost to, Tito Ortiz, the UFC hall of famer.

Should Del Rio he convicted, each count of sexual assault could carry a 20 year sentence and the kidnapping another 19. Alberto Del Rio was booked in the Bexar County Jail and was released on bail in the amount of $50,000.

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