Amateur Prospect Weekly Watch: 5/21/18 - 5/28/18

Amateur Prospect Weekly Watch: 5/21/18 – 5/28/18

Here are three amateur mixed martial arts prospects to look out for this weekend. All three competitors will be fighting at Triton Fights 7 in New York. Check out this week’s Amateur Prospect watch below:

Chris Guariglia

Out of lightweight division, Guariglia is 2-0 and residing out of New York, New York. The undefeated fighter has apparently been training at Long Islan MMA with the likes of Dennis Bermudez, Chris Wade, Gregor Gillespie and much more. Watching tape on Guariglia you can see the work he’s been putting in with some high-level wrestlers and grapplers. You won’t find him on his feet much as he is quick to close the distance and work for takedowns. Guariglia could be better at timing his entrances to his takedowns but once he’s closed the distance he shows promising wrestling. Where he shines is on the mat and it’s basically where both of his fights have played the majority of the time. Guariglia can grappler all day as he is always the one attacking from top or bottom. You will always see him doing work if that’s transitioning or going for submissions as he loves to threaten armbar’s, omoplata’s, and triangles as he just really stays aggressive. He fights this Friday for Triton Fights 7

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Dylan Mantello

Out of the lightweight division, Mantello is a guy to watch as he trains out of a very well known camp out of New York in Law MMA with mentors such as Ray Longo and former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman. New York’s own Mantello is 2-0 with one submission win. You can tell he still needs a lot of work on the feet but you can see the work Ray Longo put into him once the fight hit’s the mat. Mantello uses all of his 6’1″ length on the mat using his long legs to attack triangles. He fight’s this Friday for Triton Fights 7 against Chris Guariglia who is listed above.

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Mike Fitzroy

Fitzroy is another product out of Long Island MMA who trains out of the bantamweight division. Fitzroy has dominated his opponents from start to finish as he’s had two fights that have gone the distance. He is a good wrestler who takes no time closing the distance and getting the fight to the mat where the setup and execution is perfect. On the mat, his jiu-jitsu is very good where he is always in control but moves very freely on top. Watch him fight this Friday for Triton Fights 7.

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