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Anna Azovskaya slaps her children after MMA defeats

What reaction do you expect from a mom if her son is a fighter who lost the battle? Caress and comfort? You will not get this from Anna Azovskaya, mother of five children, three of whom are professional MMA fighters. Read more about MMA fights here: https://allaboutmma.com/fighter/.

Anna’s son Viktor was beaten by Ruslan Yamanbayev at Fight Nights Global 67 tournament – he lost by TKO in the second round. Dissatisfied with his defeat, Mother was not satisfied; she had an emotional conversation with the son, wiped the blood, and also gave her son several slaps.

Anna Azovskaya is one of the most colorful characters in the Russian MMA. Her three sons (Gregory, George and Victor) perform in mixed martial arts.

“In MMA, I am the one mother in the world who supports three sons and two daughters in battles,” says Anna in an interview with FightNights. – I have a masculine character. Men must fight!”

Two daughters, Yaroslava and Uslada are engaged in martial arts and they are preparing to debut in professional fights. Anna is 45 years old, she and her children live in Roshal, 130 km from Moscow. Before settling in Roshal, their family has moved a lot. When Anna’s sons became interested in MMA, they studied their first techniques from battles of Fyodor Emelianenko. Now the brothers regularly conduct professional fights. Anna is almost officially considered the loudest person in the hall, she is able to shout down to both commentators and a ring announcer. Azovskaya is incredibly emotional and she does not hesitate to scold her sons if she thinks they are doing something wrong.

The reasons of such a rigid approach should be sought in the past of this unusual family.

“In 2000 I lost my daughter,” said Azovskaya in an interview. – She was seven years old, and she drowned. After that I came to God. In 2002, my husband died. He drank heavily, did not care for the family – and God simply removed him from us. If he was with us, then nothing would have happened. He was just a ballast for our family. God has raised us, he pulled me out of the poverty, changed me and my children … This is my son. I cannot watching silently at my own child when he fights. I can’t do that. When they were fascinated by these battles, I told nothing to them, I didn’t disagree. I became interested in what my children are interested in. I did not leave them on this path, but went with them together.”

Sons dedicate all the victories to their mother, who is their manager now.

Anna Azovskaya has a medical education and is not shy in accusing her sons’ opponents of using doping, putting something in gloves or smearing with vaseline to make it harder to fight. She’s always with her children to support them.

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