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Anthony Smith – “We should all f***ing boycott” Jake Paul fights

Prior to the biggest win of his professional boxing career over the weekend, Jake Paul was the target of comments from UFC light heavyweight fighter Anthony Smith.

“Lionheart” Smith was on Michael Bisping’s Believe You Me podcast and said that fans should stop purchasing Paul’s fights.

“If Jake Paul beats Anderson Silva, we should all f***ing boycott the rest of his fights until he f***ing fights some that are on his level, or whatever level we deem him to be on,” Smith said ahead of Paul’s pay-per-view win over the former UFC middleweight champion.

“You talk all this s*** about MMA fighters, you talk s*** about UFC, and then you pretend that you want to bring fighters up, and you want everyone to get paid better, but then you trash everyone every time they fight.”

Paul defeated Silva by way of decision and then called out another star of mixed martial arts in Nate Diaz.

Smith added: “Now we’re putting food on your f***ing table for you to drag our legends? Older, shorter, smaller, past-their-prime legends that have spent their entire career running their bodies into f***ing car accidents.

“We hold these guys near and dear to our hearts, and then this f***head pulls them out of semi-retirement and knocks them out on pay-per-view and then still s***s on all of us?

“Go f*** yourself. Like, why are we still pandering to this piece of s***?”

Prior to Paul’s fights with Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley and Silva, the 25-year-old beat fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib and ex-NBA star Nate Robinson via knockout.

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