Bellator 262 Media Day

Bellator 262 Media Day: Tyrell Fortune and Johnny Eblen

Bellator 262 takes place on Friday, July 16th, and emanates from Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut. This upcoming Bellator MMA card broadcasts on Showtime.

I participated in Bellator 262 Media Day and spoke with Tyrell Fortune as well as Johnny Eblen ahead of their individual bouts.

Bellator 262 Media Day

Tyrell Fortune takes on Matt Mitrione in a heavyweight collision between the number five and number seven ranked contenders, respectively.

Johnny Eblen tests skills against Travis Davis in a middleweight affair as the number five ranked Eblen looks to maintain his spotless record.

Below are the excerpts from my interactions with both fighters.

Tyrell Fortune

In the lead up to that Jack May fight, it seemed like there was a little bit of divisiveness. Bad blood some might say. In this Matt Mitrione fight, it seems like there’s familiarity on a friendship level.

Do you have a preference in terms of the emotional dynamics leading into fights?

“To be honest I really don’t care too much about that. Jack May really brought that on himself. With messaging me on Instagram, antagonizing me. Calling me out by name, being really disrespectful. So that just brought a different kind of energy out of me. That no one else really has brought out before in my fights. I feel like there’s no real bad blood from me in this sport yet. So that was just all on his part really.”

Johnny Eblen

We were doing an interview prior to your last fight there and just talking about the frequency with which you change your nicknames there. But it seems like you’re kind of sticking with the Diamond Hands moniker there.

Is this one that’s gonna have some longevity you’re thinking?

“I think so. I had a quick turnaround, usually I go back and bullshit with my friends and some new nickname comes out or whatever. That was kind of my thing at the beginning because nothing was sticking. But this one might be the one that sticks.”

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