Brad Tavares calls out Bisping via Twitter, ‘The Count’ says ‘Count me In’

Brad Tavares calls out Bisping via Twitter, ‘The Count’ says ‘Count me In’

Add Brad Tavares to the laundry list of fighters who have called out Michael Bisping.

The two middleweights each suffered a loss in the past week; Bisping at the hands of a unanimous decision loss to Tim Kennedy, and Tavares suffered the same fate getting out-scored by Yoel Romero.

It seems that money is to be made when you call Bisping out.  Fighters who might not be headlining cards otherwise are getting their fair share of attention in the form of interviews and media response.

Tavares has yet to go the route that others have gone with undue insults and jabs at the Brit and his fighting style and personality, but then again, Twitter only allows for 140-characters.

@BradTavares said “@bisping we both comin off a loss, u know Im not going to take you down and hump u. But I will be there to take your head off lets do this.”

That tweet seems like it might be an indirect insult to Kennedy who won a ‘safe fight’ according to UFC President Dana White.

Bisping who has a history of being easily baited took Tavares challenge hook, line and sinker.

@bisping said “@BradTavares I want to FIGHT ASAP. Speak to the bosses. I’ve never turned anyone down.”


Let’s see if this one gets booked.

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