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Chris Weidman plans to make title run when he returns to UFC after broken leg: ‘I’m going to come back and try to get back what is mine’

Chris Weidman is still confident he can be a UFC champion again.

Weidman hasn’t fought since April of 2021 when he suffered a broken leg against Uriah Hall as the first kick he threw to Hall’s legs snapped his. It was a frightening scene and since then, the former UFC champion has had to do a ton of rehab but is getting closer to returning to the UFC.

When Weidman does make the walk to the Octagon again, he says the plan is to get his title back, as he says he’s not returning to just be a mediocre fighter.

“I’m not coming back to be a B-rated fighter or a gatekeeper or anything like that,” Weidman said on The MMA Hour. “I went through all this hell not to just comeback and be like that. I’m going to come back and try to get back what is mine, try and get that belt. After analyzing these guys and watching the middleweight division these last two years, with everyone at the top of the division, I don’t think there’s any reason why I can’t beat those guys. I’m excited to work my way up and get there soon.”

Chris Weidman is currently 15-6 and just 2-6 in his last eight, while being 2-5 since losing his title. However, he still has confidence in his skills and believes he matches up well against most of the middleweight division which he’s excited about.

“I think my skill set matches up really great with the top guys, and I’m excited to get there, and yeah, I think there’s a road to that,” Weidman said. “I beat someone in the top 15, then fight someone in the top 5, and I’m there. I have a lot of work to do, and I’m excited for the challenge. I’m not putting myself through this crap just to come back and like fight some guys that I know I can beat or have a big name fight. I’m trying to shock the world again. There’s not going to be too many people that are thinking I can come back, and that excites me. It puts a chip on my shoulder.”

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