Christian Carr

Christian Carr looks to make 2018 his bust-out year!

I was very happy in October 2017 to finally get a chance to see the mixed martial arts debut of 18-year old, Christian Carr.  He had already been very impressive in two USKA kick-boxing bouts, and was fighting in his hometown of Lancaster, PA for Mike Bickings at his Art of War Cage Fighting 3 show.

Christian Carr - Photo by William McKee
Christian Carr – Photo by William McKee

Carr took on the 1-1 Joseph Rodriguez at 145 lbs., dominating all three rounds to leave with a unanimous decision win. After the fight, I spoke with Carr and he was happy, but critical of his performance. He states that he is learning more and more everyday at Gracie 717.

That’s not the only place he works on his craft.  When I asked him after his win, what was next, he said “I have my senior year of high school wrestling about to start.  I’m going to continue to train and wrestle and after the season, I’m going to get right back in the ring or cage as soon as possible.”

I was shocked to find out that this chiseled, young fighter was still educating himself as a high school senior.  It left me shaking my head as to how far along he is already with his professionalism and vision. Christian is primed to make a name for himself and hopefully grow it into a fighting career.

Christian Carr is a young man with a plan. Listen in the audio link below as he tells me how his wrestling season is going so far, his training regimen, and what’s in store for him in 2018 and beyond.