Amanda Nunes tells Claressa Shields if they fight Im gonna wrestle the sit out of you

Claressa Shields believes Amanda Nunes fight ‘would be one of the biggest matches in boxing history’

Claressa Shields still wants to fight Amanda Nunes in MMA and boxing. She also believes it would be a massive payday for both.

Why Shields believes it would be a massive fight is the fact they are the greatest women MMA fighters and greatest women boxer. So, the two-time Olympics gold medalist believes it would be one of the biggest boxing fights in history.

“You know what he [White] said, he said that Amanda would do anything,” Shields told reporters backstage at UFC 245 (h/t MMA Junkie). “She feels she’s, she is the GWOAT in MMA, and I’m the GWOAT in boxing. It would be one of the biggest matches in boxing history. I think that you’ve never seen two women who are young, in their prime, hungry and who just don’t want to lose. So I think that me and her facing each other, would be one of those fights that people really see fireworks and stuff like that.”

Although Nunes says she would just wrestle the shit out of Shields, the boxer still wants the fight. She wants the boxing match to take place sometime next year followed by the MMA fight in 2021.

“Mid next year, end of next year, MMA match can happen a year after that,” Shields said.

“It’s just about whenever we get a deal signed and sealed. Then let me know how much time I have to get ready to get inside the Octagon. And I’m not talking about six months, or a year. But, give me like actual time where I can have a chance. I feel like I have a chance now. But, once we go to the ground and stuff, I have to learn that nd I know that. Me being an olympic athlete, I know that I can learn different a different sport and catch on quicker than just a regular person.”

Whether or not any of these fights will happen is to be seen.

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