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Colby Covington Wants Dustin Poirier Fight for International Fight Week

Colby Covington won a unanimous decision against Jorge Masvidal at UFC 272 cementing his spot as the number welterweight in the UFC. 

However, after his win it seems his focus has shifted on settling rivalries after two failed attempts at the title. He’ll likely get to that when he gets to it, but after setting the heavily marketed difference between him and Masvidal, it seems as if silencing Dustin Poirier is next on his agenda. 

Covington said it in his post-fight cage interview with Joe Rogan, again with Laura Sanko on “UFC Quick Hits”, and at the post-fight press conference that he would like to face Poirier in July for the UFC’s 10th Annual International Fight Week. 

When Sanko asked Covington in her segment why Poirier is the name he called out, Covington said, “ Why that fight’ is a fight for me is because I want to hold these people accountable for the things they say in the media.  He said it’s ‘on site’. I never was talking about him in the media, he said it’s ‘on site’ so all I just say is name the site. He added, “Let’s do this. Pick the site. Stop saying that we’re gonna fight. ‘Oh we’re gonna fight,’ you know ‘in the streets and we’re going to go to jail.’ I thought he was a family man, I thought he cared about his family. Why would you want to go to jail and risk leaving your family?

Covington went on to say that Poirier is the one adding “all these stipulations,” and Covington’s only stipulation is to “let the whole world watch.” 

So how soon would he like a potential fight against Poirier? Coving closed by telling Sanko, “ I’d love to come back in July. I think International Fight Week is the biggest week of the year. You know, get one of the biggest stars in the company Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington; America’s Champ–Donald Trump’s favorite fighter and the King of Miami now. The People’s Champ and let’s do this! Dustin doesn’t have an opponent. He’s been saying ‘it’s bulking season,’ so I want to come back as soon as possible.”

He closed with, “ I’m still getting better every single day. I don’t have a scratch on me, I didn’t get hurt at all in that fight. It was an easy night’s work, I took out Miami street trash now it’s time for the Louisiana swamp trash.”

“I took out Miami street trash now it’s time for the Louisiana swamp trash.” – Colby Covington

Is this a fight you want to see?  

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