Dana White: Conor McGregor may never fight again

Conor Mcgregor teases UFC return with ominous tweet: “See you soon”

To say that Conor Mcgregor has been missed both inside the octagon and on TV period is an understatement; it’s been more than a year and a half since we’ve seen the brash, outspoken, charismatic superstar in the UFC.  And it was almost a year ago that he was trying his hand in the world of pro boxing putting on a impressive showing against pound-4-pound great, Floyd Mayweather. As far as the world of mixed martial arts, where Conor is essentially a pound-4-pound great, he’s been more absent than a student who’s been on out of school suspension with a month’s of school work to make up.

Even worse, he hasn’t fought or defended the UFC lightweight championship since winning it against former champion Eddie Alvarez in November of 2016, therefore the UFC stripped of that belt.  (McGregor was also stripped of his featherweight title in 2017).

To a certain degree you can argue that with all McGregor has done competition wise he has earned the right to take this year long hiatus from combat sports, at the same though, if you have a belt, that means you are a champion, which also means that belt has to be defended at some point in time.

Fortunately though, according to some of the recent tweets the Irish bad boy has put out, this period of not having McGregor in the UFC could be coming to a close end soon.

Conor McGregor tweet

While seeing this tweet may fire you up that Conor may actually consider making a UFC return, we have also been subjected to Conor playing mind games with us as well which could also lead one to believe if McGregor is doing just that.

Let’s be real, with the money that Conor has, including recent endorsements with Burger King, and planning to launch his own brand of Irish Whiskey, can we 100% believe that Conor is serious about returning to MMA competition? Your mind would tell you “of course not” but then again with Conor McGregor, nothing is for certain. Although if he is indeed serious about a return to MMA, why doesn’t he just he straight up say it instead of leaving us all to ponder?

Then I thought about it, he wouldn’t be Conor McGregorif he did.

Do you believe ‘Mystic Mac’ will definitely return to the UFC?

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