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Conor McGregor Whiskey Gets a Parody Ad

Ever since Conor McGregor released his brand of whiskey, it has been in high demand by fight fans and fans of whiskey. It is no secret that McGregor’s knack for business has transcended fighting and made him a successful entrepreneur. The logo for his Whiskey, Proper No. 12 has been seen in both the UFC cage as well as the PFL and keeping to his promise to keep up with the demand, images of trucks delivering the product are being posted on social media.

While a legitimate commercial does exist that features McGregor on why he has jumped into the whiskey business the folks over at Super Crazy Fun time made a parody ad for what is likely the most trending brand of whiskey on the internet.

It is not certain if the man that quotes McGregor in the ad is supposed to be the “Notorious One” but it makes for a good laugh, and certainly makes you want to find the whiskey if you are looking to get yourself “proper” smashed. The ad was McGregor approved as well, see the video below:

It is important to remember that McGregor and his Proper No. 12 brand is sharing their success as the company announced it would donate $5 for every case sold to local first responder organizations/charities, up to $1 million annually when it was released.

McGregor has not taken his mind off fighting since he recently called out Tenshin Nasukawa and had some comments for Firas Zihabi lately on social media. However, it is nice to see McGregor appreciates a good sense of humor when he is waiting on his next fight.

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