Current challenges in customer relations

Current challenges in customer relations

New management habits are introduced and simplify exchanges with customers. For example, face-to-face communications to present a product or service are gradually being replaced by multimedia messages sent to customers by e-mail.

Thanks to digital technology, and above all to customer data, the company is also trying to respond appropriately to an increasingly demanding and mobile clientele. All the details on customer relations in the digital age can be found in this post.

Current challenges in customer relations

The priority of any modern company is to take the step of digitalization to improve its positioning in the market. Customer satisfaction being a guarantee of success, modern destructive wave 5e is characterized by the use of technological means to reinvent the relationship with customers.

Knowing each profile that makes up the clientele is the other challenge for the team responsible for managing customer relations. The aim is to provide customers with offers that meet their expectations, at the right time, and thus serve them efficiently.

The company must therefore precisely define the profiles of its targets and design for them:

  • A more attractive and intuitive customer experience;
  • Simplified purchasing processes;
  • New sales strategies;
  • New modes of transaction.

The strategies employed in customer relationship management must also adapt to the daily habits of customers who prefer, for example, the use of new terminals.

Indeed, the proportion of consumers who come into contact with businesses and make their purchases using a computer has significantly reduced to the benefit of tablet and smartphone users.

It is therefore up to the company to abolish distances by striving to establish relational proximity with each customer. In addition to putting a website online, this proximity also requires a presence on social networks.

SMS, phone calls and e-mailing campaigns are also all useful communication channels in the age of digital customer relations to find out what an email campaign is.

Big Data: A solution to better meet customer expectations

The English expression “Big Data” literally means big data. Still translated as big data or big data, it designates a very large set of digital information resources.

In marketing, big data is collected on every connected customer. This customer data is collected through:

  • Social networks ;
  • The websites visited;
  • The mobile applications used;
  • Connected objects.

The information that it is possible to collect on a customer thanks to Big Data is among others:

  • Its geographic coordinates;
  • His address book;
  • His favorite hobbies;
  • His consumption habits;
  • The subjects of its exchanges on social networks.

Thus, the processing of digital data makes it possible to improve the quality of the customer relationship thanks to a better knowledge of the customer. The company can thus offer services and products adapted to the desires and specific needs of each client and provide effective support on a daily basis.

Customer relationship management software

Thanks to digital technology, several customer relationship management software are integrated into the way customer service operates. In addition to customer relationship management, they are useful for managing commercial activities like 5e Frightened.

Usually called CRM tools, they also make it possible to collect, concentrate and process customer data to improve the results of marketing actions.


Clouderial is a set of applications with several management features to automate business tasks. This complete and free management software is an excellent solution for independent entrepreneurs, very small businesses, as well as SMEs.


Axonaut is a paid software which optimizes commercial management and customer relations. It is also used to manage a large part of business processes while offering detailed statistics and online payment options.

Sellsy, Cirrus Shield, and Blue Note Systems CRM are other examples of customer relationship management solutions whose varied features allow each business to achieve its goals


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