Dana White’s Contender Series 23 results: 3 more tickets punched to the UFC

Our favorite summer MMA tradition continues Tuesday night with the return of Dana White’s Contender Series, as 10 of the best fighters outside of the UFC looked to change that narrative. The event took place at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas with the action streamed on ESPN+ in the United States.

This was the seventh week of the 2019 season and over the last three episodes, and incredible 13 fighters have earned UFC contracts heading into Tuesday’s event.

The main event featured LFA veteran Harvey Park taking on the unbeaten Omar Morales in a lightweight bout. Morales used a heavy pressure game, mixed in with powerful leg kicks leading to a second round TKO finish win.

Another name of note that competed on the card was Herbert Burns, the brother of UFC fighter Gilbert Burns, who earned a spot on the Contender Series with a first round submission win over Luis Gomez at April’s Titan FC 54 event. Burns took on a very game Darrick Minner who gave him everything he could handle early. Burns was able to lock in a tight triangle choke which forced an immediate tap.

In the end, UFC president Dana White awarded contracts to Andre Muniz, Herbert Burns and Omar Morales.

If you missed the event, check out MyMMANews.com’s round-by-round coverage, along with highlights of DWCS 23 below:

Jay Perrin vs. Dwight Joseph


Herb Dean gets them started and they touch gloves. Joseph lands a couple of hard leg kicks before Perrin shoots for a takedown and lands it. Perrin working to improve position and Joseph gets back to his feet. Joseph lands a big shot and a nice kick to the body. They clinch against the cage and Perrin lands a short elbow, along with a knee to the body. Perrin lands a jab and they trade body kicks. Joseph lands a nice jab and Perrin ties him up against the fence. Short elbow lands from Perrin and they break. Joseph ducks under for a shot, scoops Perrin up and slams him to the mat. Joseph looks to take Perrin’s back as the New England fighter gets back to his feet. They separate with under 50 seconds left. Joseph just misses a huge looping left. Perrin throws a jab and Joseph counters with a combination. Jumping knee to the body from Joseph, and Perrin lands a nice left hand as the horn sounds. Close round.

MyMMANews.com scores it 10-9 for Joseph


Second round begins and they circle in the center. Joseph lands a left hand and they trade punches in the middle. Right hook lands from the Team Alpha Male fighter. Front kick to the body lands from Joseph before Perrin lands a takedown. Joseph has a guillotine locked in very tight. Herb Dean is looking very closely but Perrin is staying calm enough to stick around. Perrin starts landing a barrage of strikes to the body and slips out of the hold. Perring looking work on top. Short elbow lands by Perrin, but Joseph is doing a nice job tying Perrin up to avoid any major damage. Joseph tries to sneak in another guillotine but Perrin is able to slide out. They get to the feet and Perrin lands a nice elbow and a knee to the body. They clinch against he cage and Joseph lands a right hand on the break. Under a minute to go and Joseph lands another kick to the body. They tie up and head to another cage battle. Perrin with a nice elbow before they separate. They trade punches in the middle and Joseph starts swinging for the fences, Perrin avoids and the round comes to an end.

MyMMANews.com scores it 10-9 for Perrin


Final round begins in a fun fight as they touch gloves. Left hand lands by Joseph early, followed by another one. Perrin shoots in, scoops and slams Joseph to the mat. Perrin looking to pass from half guard to side control. Joseph scrambles and is able to get to his feet. Against the fence they go and Perrin lands an elbow on the break. Joseph misses a big right hand and Perrin counters with a left uppercut. Joseph pushes Perrin against the fence with under three minutes remaining, and Perrin reverses the position. Right hand lands from Perrin and he takes Joseph down again. Perrin in side control, transitions to the back and has the hooks in. Perrin trying to lock in a rear naked choke. Joseph sweeps and ends up on top with under two minutes to go. A couple of left hands land by Joseph and Perrin gets back to the feet. Big knee in the clinch by Perrin and a body shot counter from Joseph. They separate and circle as we hit the one minute mark. High kick comes up short by Joseph. Body kick blocked, but a right hand lands by Perrin. Joseph shoots for a double leg with 30 seconds to go and switches to a single. Perrin takes control against the fence and misses an uppercut. They swing violently at each other as the horn sounds. Very close fight, but MyMMANews.com favors the New Englander in a squeaker.

MyMMANews.com scores it 10-9 and the fight 29-28 for Perrin


Official result: Dwight Joseph def. Jay Perrin via unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Andre Muniz vs. Taylor Johnson


The middleweights get their opportunity to impress the UFC brass and we are underway. Johnson comes out swinging with fire, then scoops up Muniz and slams him hard. Muniz looking for an armbar and Johnson proceeds to power bomb his opponent, Rampage style. Muniz smoothly reverses and takes Johnson’s back with one hook in. Muniz working patiently trying to sink in a rear naked choke. He has it locked in and Johnson is forced to tap. What a quick reversal of fortune.

Official result: Andre Muniz def. Taylor Johnson via submission (Rear naked choke) – Round 1, 1:46


Herbert Burns vs. Darrick Minner


Herb Dean gets these two ready and they get right after it — trading big shots at each other. Minner gets a takedown on Burns and lands a big right hand. Burns looking for a leg lock, but Burns transitions to his back with a hook in. Burns on his feet and is able to break the position. Money still has the back and separates and Minner is landing big shots. Burns is able to lock in a guillotine momentarily but Minner is able to to get top position. Minner locks in a guillotine but Burns is able to slide out of it. Triangle locked in by Burns and it is super tight. Minner taps immediately. What an action packed affair!

Official result: Herbert Burns def. Darrick Minner via submission (Triangle choke) – Round 1, 2:29


Marilia Santos vs. Lucrezia Ria


They touch gloves and Santos throws out a leg kick. Body kick lands from Santos, followed by a front kick. Ria trying to land hard shots and Santos clinches up and lands a knee to the chest of Ria. They battle against the fence before separation and back to the center they go. Ria with a right hand and Santos comes up short with an overhand right. Leg kick lands from Santos and Ria lands a jab. Ria comes swarming in, landing a straight right and they battle against the fence for a moment. Body kick from Santos lands, followed by another. Santos ties Ria up and they go to the ground. Ria takes the back and puts a hook in. Santos scrambles to guard and Ria postures up, landing big right hand. Back to the feet they go and they tie up against he fence. Ria with an under hook and they separate. Both ladies trade big punches with Santos getting the advantage. Santos throws a leg kick and Ria, essentially, runs her over to get to the ground. Santos trying to lock in an arm bar, but Ria is able to get her body on the other side to alleviate some of the pressure. Ria trying to get that elbow out by grabbing an ankle. Ria scrambles and lands a hammer fist as the horn sounds. Another tough round to score.

MyMMANews.com scores it 10-9 Santos


Ria lands a left hand early and Santos pushes her opponent against the fence. They separate and meet in the center. Side kick to the face thrown by Ria, but it just misses. Leg kick from Santos and, again, Ria just runs her over to put her to the mat. Ria stands and is landing some leg kicks. Santos gets up and lands some big shots. Ria answers with some big shots of her own. Big right hand from Santos. They tie up and Ria takes Santos to the mat. Santos looking for a high guard sweep and an armbar. They battle for position on the follow with both looking for leg locks. They scramble and Ria gets on top . Santos looking to sweep again but Ria lands some hammer firsts on the ground. Santos looking for a hell hook but Ria escapes. Under a minute to go and Ria is on top in half guars. Left hand by Ria and a nice elbow as well. Body shots land from Ria, who stands up with a hold of Santos’ left ankle. Ria drops down and lands a big punch, along with a pair of right elbows as the horn sounds.

MyMMANews.com scores it 10-9 Ria


They touch gloves as Ria hits a third round for the first time in her career. Santos lands a left hand and follows up with a combination. Ria is stunned and Santos is swarming in aggressively with a big right hand. Ria is exhausted and Santos is trying to pour it on. Ria is very calm and looks to have recovered. Santos throws a kick, and Ria takes her down — but she is just so tired. Santos gets right back to her feet and lands aright hand in the clinch. Elbow from Santos and a corner right hand. Santos with a double leg takedown and Ria locks in a guillotine. Santos is able to mount Ria, who is still holding on to that guillotine for dear life. It seems to be working, but Santos is finally able to pop her head out. Santos with a couple of hammer fists and looks for an armbar. Ria defending and lands a big knee to the body as she tries to escape. Under 45 seconds and Santos has that arm trapped looking for a finish. Ria jumps over the back of Santos but can’t get the arm free as the horn sounds.

MyMMANews.com scores it 10-9 and the fight 29-28 for Santos


Official result: Lucrezia Ria def. Marilia Santos via split decision (29-28 x2, 27-30)

Harvey Park vs. Omar Morales


Leg kicks landing by Morales early on, followed by a nice right hand and Park clinches up quickly against the fence. They trade knees, unfortunately Morales took one in the groin calling a stop to the action. Herb Dean gets them back at it and Park lands a right hand. Morales lands a left counter that stung Park, who clinches against the fence. Morales gets an under hook and reverses the position. Morales swinging heavy leather in the the opening round, and just missing a massive head kick. Leg kick lands by Morales and Park pushes him against he fence. Knee to the body lands by Park, Morales answers with a hard knee of his own. Morales with a big combination and they trade kicks. Again, Park lands low and Herb Dean stops it. Seconds later, they continue and Morales lands a body kick and a right uppercut. They clinch again and Morales lands a knee to the body. Park throws a knee of his own. They separate and Park lands a right hand before clinching against the cage. Under 45 seconds to go and Park has double under hooks. Morales eats a left hand from Park on the break and they begin to trade big punches. The flurry from both fighters continues and Park tires a flying knee. Park shoots in and ties up against the fence as the horn sounds.

MyMMANews.com scores it 10-9 for Morales


Park moving forward to start the round and Morales lands a jab and a right hand. Leg kick lands by Park and it didn’t land right. Park looks very uncomfortable as Morales lands a hard leg kick and a left hand. Park is hurt. Morales very patient and lands a big left, right combination dropping Park and Herb Dean steps right in to stop it.

Official result: Omar Morales def. Harvey Park via TKO – Round 2, 1:06

Dana White’s Contender Series 23 results:

  • Omar Morales (earned UFC contract) def. Harvey Park via TKO – Round 2, 1:06
  • Lucrezia Ria def. Marilia Santos via split decision (29-28 x2, 27-30)
  • Herbert Burns (earned UFC contract) def. Darrick Minner via submission (Triangle choke) – Round 1, 2:29
  • Andre Muniz (earned UFC contract) def. Taylor Johnson via submission (Rear naked choke) – Round 1, 1:46
  • Dwight Joseph def. Jay Perrin via unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

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