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Dilano Taylor: Not impressed with Titan FC 73 title defense, not looking to rush into UFC

In this interview, Lenny from MyMMANews sits down with Titan FC Welterweight champion Dilano Taylor to recap his recent title defense at Titan FC 73 against Marcus Edwards.

Dilano Taylor (7-1), won his welterweight championship against Carlos Matos at Titan FC 69. Heading into his first title defense, Taylor was feeling a little extra pressure.

“Getting the title was the first time I felt any pressure. But this fight was different level of pressure, because now that I have the belt everyone is coming after me.”

“My mind set now is a fight is a fight, and in my head a title defense is me earning the title again and proving to myself that I am deserving to be the champion. Having fighters come up to the top and making me feel I’m the one being chased is kind of nice for once, not having to chase anybody is better.”

Dilano Taylor Titan FC Champ

Taylor made a successful title defense against previously mentioned Marcus Edwards at Titan FC 73, a very tricky opponent for him, and processed problems for the champion in round one with a guillotine choke. But, was he worried about the submission?

“No. Not at all,” Taylor said. “Primarily because me personally, I know for a fact that guillotines and rare naked chokes are two of the highest percentage submissions used in MMA. I drill them specific the most, because the odds for you going for a heel hook or a standing choke is minimal. If i shoot in and you gi for the guillotine, then you are desperate, and I like desperate people because they make mistakes. For example, he went for the guillotine and then he was on his back and then the first thing he has to think to himself is I need to get up. I’m jiu jitsu brown belt, I’m not a fake brown belt. I’m a legit brown belt, he didn’t want to go back to the ground after that.”

Marcus Edwards processed unorthodox movements and strikes from all angles with punches and kicks. Taylor was worried with the awkwardness of Edwards:

“It was a serious worry, but the awkwardness. I watched his previous fights and knew his through a lot of crazy stuff, but i didn’t expect it to be that awkward in the fight, he was just winging everything he was doing, nothing was pre-planned like he was just doing to anything to potentially get him a finish.”

Taylor is a critique of himself and was not impressed with his performance:

“That was a C+. That was not the best version of myself at all, you guys are yet to see me really mix it, me showcase my skills. So far I have been testing my skills little at a time, trying to understand what I’m best at and what i can bring to the table, but you guys are yet to see me mix it all up, you’ve seen nothing yet, a lot to come.”

Not only was Taylor not impressed with his performance, Taylor also was not impressed with the judges’ scorecards:

“I did not agree with them, but this is the sport of MMA. Honestly at the end of the day I still won the fight, and this split decision doesn’t take away from what I’m actually capable of.”

After the fight, during the post-fight interview, Titan FC COO Lex McMahon and Taylor called out Dana White to sign the young prospect, but does Taylor think the time is now?

“I’m in no rush to get to the UFC, me personally i would rather develop, I would rather take 2-3 more fights on the regional scene become 10-1. Then go to the UFC very experience and seasoned and not to green, because I see a lot of guys get to the UFC early and they are not mentally ready for the competition. It’s one thing to get in the UFC but it’s another thing to stay in the UFC, I’m not trying to be these 1 and done guys.”

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