Record holder, Dinis Paiva, enters CES MMA cage for 15th time, Jan. 27

Dinis Paiva Gives Tearful Farewell to MMA at CES 62

Dinis Paiva fought his last fight at CES 62 last weekend and his words in the cage as he set down his gloves showed that the fighting life is not always “red panty night” in mixed martial arts.

Dinis “Sweetbread” Paiva compiled a record of 13-8 in his career, his last fight at CES 62 was against Josh Smith where he lost to Smith via second-round submission. It was Paiva’s second loss in a row and one after his recent attempt at trying to win a contract to the UFC on Contender Series last Fall.

The 32-year-old’s record is as well-rounded a fighter as any mixed martial artist wants to be. His 13 wins are compiled of seven knockouts, two submissions, and four decisions. He started fighting in 2011 and in 2021 finished his career in the promotion he fought for most in CES. 

He and Smith were the CES main event in Orlando, Florida and the first round was a well-fought game of chess from both men, but the second round had Smith land strikes that would wobble Paiva and lead to the submission that ended the fight. 

“I think it’s time to hang it up,” Paiva said with gloves removed. “ The fight game’s been good to me, you know it takes more than it gives but I’m so thankful, blessed to have done it and be a part of this organization and to have the family and support that I have. People that travel to watch me fight, Thank you, I love you. Congratulations to Josh Smith, you deserve this and I wish you the best of luck brother.”

With that, Paiva embraced Smith, and with tears in his eyes set his gloves down in the cage to walk away from the sport. 

“It takes more than it gives,” is likely the case for many fighters trying to get to the point where Paiva and others train for years to get their shot at glory. So why is this being written now? 

Because with everything getting the attention of fight fans these days, stories like Paiva’s which deserve some attention always seem to fly under the radar. 

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