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Do creatine gummies really work? A deep dive into this new way of taking your supplements

In their quest to run farther, jump higher, and outlast the competition, many athletes have turned to a variety of performance-enhancing drugs and supplements to help give them that edge. Bodybuilders and mixed martial artists also find that the need for legal supplemental assistance could help get them to the next level in their craft.

Supplements such as creatine are extremely popular, but having to take multiple scoops of powder-based products can be frustrating on many levels. But what if you could eliminate bulky containers of powder and replace them with much smaller sized gummies?

Bear Balanced has created the World’s First Creatine Gummies to fuel your fitness, health, and wellness routines. Their Creatine+ blend delivers pure creatine monohydrate by Creapure and additional essential nutrients to maximize the benefits of traditional creatine.

Their all-natural, low-calorie, vegan, keto, and now SUGAR-FREE, creatine gummies will optimize your energy, strength, focus, and health by taking just three gummies a day.

Below is a look at Bear Balanced’s CREATINE+ MATRIX —

○ CREATINE: Energizes physical performance and mental function.

○ L-THEANINE: Boosts memory and muscle function.

○ L-TYROSINE: Increases energy, endurance, and mood.

○ B12: Enhances brain health, cellular energy, and recovery.

○ HUPERZINE A: Improves focus and attention during exercise.

Back in the 1970s, scientists discovered that taking creatine in supplement form might enhance physical performance. In the 1990s, athletes started to catch on, and creatine became a popular sports supplement.

Creatine helps your muscles produce energy during heavy lifting or high intensity exercise. About 95% of creatine is stored in the skeletal muscle of your body and is used during physical activity.

Athletes and bodybuilders often take a creatine supplement to enhance strength and improve performance, while older adults and vegetarians might take it to support brain health and quality of life.

Bear Balanced customers find the convenience and efficiency of a smaller product to make all the difference when choosing how they take their creatine.

Michelle writes, “Convenient and fit into my busy lifestyle. This is a great supplement for people who don’t have time for powder,” while Raez said, “Serious game changer for my daily energy levels, my workouts, and all-around focus.”

Disclaimer: Supplements such as creatine are relatively safe in healthy people. However, always talk to your healthcare provider before taking creatine supplements.

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