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Erik Purcell releases his new book, “MMA Unchained”

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Erik Purcell opened his business in 2011 and has built MPR Endurance MMA into a thriving academy in the heart of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Along with an 8,000 square foot operating landscape, there are classes for just about everybody from 5-years-old and up.   As the Jiu Jitsu, striking, Russian Sambo and MMA classes continue to grow, so does the fight team and their accomplishments.  MPR is the USA Sambo National Training Center and are recognized by the IBJJF as a blackbelt academy.  As you can see, Purcell has been spreading his knowledge and vision.

MyMMANews ran into Purcell recently at Art of War Cage Fighting 21 when he was cornering several of his team at Rivers Casino in South Philadelphia.  We sat down with him to talk about a couple things, but mainly I wanted to ask him about his most recent news about the release of his book, MMA Unchained for the Champions Mind.  Purcell tells us…

“The book has been a labor of love. Something theoretically, I have been working on for a couple of years but didn’t start to work it out on paper until about 8 months ago.  It’s excellent instruction manual for any fighter whether you’re an amateur or a professional and also for aspiring coaches out there we have systematized every aspect of MMA from standing, to the cage wall, to the ground.  We looked at how the old model of how MMA has been taught and looking at all the new data and new concepts that have been trumping all the old systems and old ways to do things.”

MMA Unchained is available on the Apple Bookstore as well as in hardback and paperback at Purcell’s website   https://flow.page/erikpurcell

Please check out our chat on the link above. You can also see Purcell in the corner of his protege Pat Sabatini, who is 3-0 since joining the UFC and is 16-3 overall.  Sabatini and Purcell go back for years as Sabatini is also an instructor and gets plenty of work in with his MPR family whether in fight camp or not.

Justin Burke, Pat Sabatini and Erik Purcell
Justin Burke, Pat Sabatini and Erik Purcell

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