Werdum vs Fedor II

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Fabricio Werdum Indicates Interest In Fedor Sequel

As he enters free agency, Fabricio Werdum seems interested in Werdum vs Fedor II. Werdum emerged victorious last night at UFC on ESPN 14 when he defeated multi-time light-heavyweight title contender Alexander Gustafsson via first-round armbar. This snapped a two-fight losing skid for Werdum who has regained some level of momentum as he enters free agency.

In the UFC on ESPN 14 post-event press conference, Werdum seemed to be leaning more towards leaving the promotion. He did indicate he needs to weigh things out with his management at Dominance MMA but it seems like this will be Werdum’s final UFC foray.

Werdum vs Fedor II

Further fuel to the narrative that Werdum will leave UFC is his interest level in opposition outside of the company. When asked about a rematch with heavyweight GOAT/ Bellator contracted fighter Fedor Emelianenko, Werdum seemed quite enthusiastic.

Fabricio Werdum quipped, “I want to fight with Fedor, 100 percent. I respect him a lot. I want to give this opportunity to him to fight with me again. This has history: Me vs. Fedor in 2010. Ten years later, everybody wants to see this fight. I don’t know where, but for sure I want to fight with Fedor because I respect him. In my mind, he is the best in the world.”

Werdum does have a prior relationship with Bellator MMA promoter Scott Coker. Coker was the promoter for Strikeforce when Werdum and Fedor had their initial fight. One of MMA’s all-time great upset victories with Fabricio Werdum ending Fedor Emelianenko’s decade long reign over the heavyweight class. Werdum vs Fedor II would certainly be a tantalizing headliner for Bellator MMA. It would fit right into the promotion’s plans for booking Fedor’s retirement tour in these upcoming bouts for The Last Emperor.

Werdum is clearly interested and has been calling for this rematch for years. Fedor would presumably be interested in avenging that loss,. But now we just have to wait and see how this story unfurls.

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