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Face It: Errol Spence is ducking Terence Crawford

Yesterday news broke that it’s widely speculated that Errol Spence, the number four pound for pound fighter according to Ring Magazine, is potentially fighting Keith Thurman next at 157 pounds. The long awaited fight with Terence Crawford at 146 is supposedly to happen after that. But we know what time it is and we know exactly what it’s about. And for the Errol Spence fans out there, it is time to admit it: he is ducking Bud Crawford.

Errol Spence Ducking Terence Crawford

A fight with two of the top pound for pound fighters is something that fans will clamor for and beat their consumeristic drum until it comes to fruition. Look at how relentless the heavyweight unification has been. Ever since Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua were the belt holders, fans have been calling for the belts to be unified. Now, both Wilder and Joshua are gone and it’s Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk on the fans minds for a unification bout. Well fans of the sweet science are just as hungry for a unification at welterweight with how good Crawford and Spence have historically been.

But since that fight has been on their minds, Crawford has beat everyone in his path and Spence has also made a good name for himself as well. But the first sign of disaster was that of the major car wreck of Errol Spence that had him sitting out of boxing for over a year. That took the timing away. There’s no fault of Spence there. Accidents happen, even if they are fueled by alcohol and a Ferrari.

Then he returned. Supposedly against Manny Pacquiao after a tune up with Danny Garcia. Fans complained but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. He was out for a while and jumping in the ring with a top pound for pound fighter who has been active after a near fatal car crash could be disaster. Let him get his sea legs.

Then the two reportedly had a deal. It seemed as if everything was going to happen in November. Then, Al Haymond, the promoter of Spence, came to the rescue. Crawford said he’s taking less money, no guarantee, and gave almost everything a promoter could ask for in an undisputed fight. Instead, Haymond wouldn’t be transparent about revenue expenses. Since Crawford was taking a payday and ticket sales and concessions would be a major part of his pay day, it seemed fair that he would be allowed to see all those numbers. Nope. They wouldn’t let it and the fight fell through.

Even if Crawford agreed, I am of the opinion that Haymond and company would just move the goalposts again to price themselves out of the fight. We can’t let Spence’s perfect record go. That’s not good for promotion.

Now he’s moving up to 154 to fight Keith Thurman, someone who Spence said he’s never going to fight. Then you expect me to believe he’s going back down to 147 to fight Crawford? Give me a break. He’s not going back down to welterweight ever. He’s not going to fight Bud Crawford. We have a better chance of Terence Crawford vs. Jake Paul instead of the Errol Spence fight.

Errol Spence is ducking Terence Crawford.

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