Facebook Adds 3 New Ways to Make Money with Video Content

Facebook Adds 3 New Ways to Make Money with Video Content

As long as making money via social media is concerned, Facebook is one of the leading platforms to consider. This social media channel has billions of users and is available in almost all places around the world as long as there is a good internet connection.

Although there are numerous ways to monetize your use of Facebook, your video content offers you various opportunities. Recently, Facebook has added 3 new ways to make money with your video content.

In this article, we will explain these three new ways and how you can be eligible to use them to earn money on Facebook.

3 new ways to make money with video content on Facebook

  • Earning money from a short-form video

In the past, you could only earn money from a video with a duration of three minutes or longer. But Facebook has now made it possible for users to earn money from short videos of at least one minute. For a one-minute video, an ad will be shown at around 30 seconds. However, if the video is longer, an ad will only run at 45 seconds. This is to ensure that short videos can also make money for their creators without having excessively interruptive ads that can make viewers lose interest in the videos. However, you should note that the ad breaks in a video will also be determined by the video content as well as the number of views it is capable of getting.

With this new announcement by Facebook, it is obvious that the social media channel will now give TikTok a run for its money. Content creators can now take their products and services to Facebook and still earn lots of money from short videos.

  • Making more content creators eligible

The second way through which Facebook allows more people to earn from video content is the change in its eligibility criteria. With the recent changes, people that didn’t qualify to earn from video content in the past can now do so. Therefore, wherever you are around the world, you can now start making tons of money from Facebook as long as you are eligible.

The eligibility requirements for making money from video content will be explained later in this article.

  • Easing the process to make money from viewers’ contributions

Generally, Facebook allows content creators to make money from the contributions of their viewers. Factually, it is one of the sources of earnings of some content creators. However, in the past, earning from viewers’ contributions can be quite challenging. Thankfully, this social media platform has changed its policy to ease the process of making money for the contributions of your viewers.

Eligibility criteria

Having explained the three new ways to earn money with video content on Facebook, it is worthwhile to note that everyone cannot make money this opportunity. This is because some eligibility requirements must be met by each content creator. So, if you are not eligible, you cannot make money through any of the three ways highlighted above.

Below, we will consider the various eligibility criteria for different kinds of videos:

Eligibility criteria for in-stream ad

Facebook Adds 3 New Ways to Make Money with Video Content

An in-stream ad is an ad that you see while watching a video. To make it easier for people to make money, Facebook allows video creators to earn money through in-stream ads. If you make long videos on Facebook, ads will be inserted into your video to earn you money. Expectedly, the video will be paused during this period and continue once the short ad is over.

Generally, ads can come into your video content at the beginning, middle or end of the video. This is usually the case for videos that are three minutes or longer as they have enough time for users to enjoy the content as well as the ads. However, Facebook has now extended the opportunity to videos with a duration of only one minute or longer. The ad will come in at about 30 seconds.

Unfortunately, every content creator cannot get ads in their video content on Facebook unless they meet the following requirements:

  • Views

For an ad to run in your video content, you must have amassed at least 600,000 views from all videos you have uploaded on the social media channel in the last 60 days. In other words, all videos you have uploaded on Facebook in the past 60 days must have performed well. It should be noted that views from live streams and recordings of live streams are also added to the total views.

If you are struggling with getting 600,000 views on your videos, you should not hesitate to promote your video content and Facebook page. For the promotion of your videos, you can buy Facebook views, run a Facebook ad, and collaborate with influencers. You can also share your video content on Facebook groups with lots of users as well as other social media channels.

  • Length of videos

To be eligible for ads in the past, your videos must be at least 3 minutes. However, the policy has changed as a 1-minute video can also be eligible for ads now.  Even live streams and recorded live streams (regardless of their duration) can also be eligible.

  • Active video uploads

Since Facebook wants you to have videos permanently on its platform, some requirements concern active uploads. Foremost, your page must feature 5 or more previously live videos and/or active video content. Also, you must never delete any video that you have uploaded on Facebook. Lastly, your video content must comply with the Content Monetization Policies of Facebook.

Eligibility requirements for live stream

If you want to earn money from live streams, the content must get at least 60,000 live minutes viewed in the past 60 days. In other words, your live streams must have been viewed 60,000 minutes for your page to be eligible to get ads.

Nonetheless, you must understand that Facebook will not consider the watch time for recorded live stream video content. Therefore, for live stream eligibility, only the total views during the live streams will count.

As shown above, more people can now start making some streams of money from their recorded videos, live streams, as well as recorded live streams. However, you must carefully take a look at the eligibility requirements to determine whether you can make money with your video content or not.

If you are not eligible now, you can promote your Facebook page. Over time, this allows you to get more audiences and start earning money on this social media channel with your video content.

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