Former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir signs with Bellator MMA

Mar 20, 2016; Brisbane, Australia; Frank Mir (blue gloves) looks on before his bout with Mark Hunt (not pictured) during UFC Fight Night at Brisbane Entertainment Centre. Mandatory Credit: Matt Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

Frank Mir considering legal action against USADA

Frank Mir is ready to pursue legal action against USADA.

Mir was suspended for two years in April 2017 for a banned substance, which is similar to what Jon Jones was flagged for in the small traces of long-term metabolite. With that, Mir is ready to go ahead with legal action on USADA and possibly even the UFC.

“I’ve lost millions,” Mir said to RT. “I had six more fights on a contract that paid me well. If you have noticed, my last fight, I didn’t even have sponsors. It’s difficult right now to rebuild up everything because of having to battle back from being falsely accused of something. It makes things difficult.”

Mir understands that science has gotten better and Jones is a bigger name. But, Mir remains displeased of how the suspension was announced. Before a full investigation on whether this was leftover from a previous suspension, a la Jones, Mir was just suspended with no chance to prove his innocence. For Mir, that has damaged his rep forever.

“You guys didn’t understand what was going on and two months into it, ‘Ah, Mir has this in his system,’” Mir said. “Everybody knows that that’s basically guilty. Now you’re gonna be like, ‘Oh, you’re a drug user.’ What kind of impact does that make on someone’s career? Obviously heavy enough that they’d change their stance on that. And they no longer release people’s names until they really understand what’s going on, because they do know that it makes a very strong negative impact on your career to be falsely accused of something.”

Once he was under suspension, Mir did not agree with it and asked for his suspension. He was released and now competes under the Bellator banner. Regardless, Mir knows he lost out on millions of dollars and legal action may be next.