Gregory Bloom

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Gregory Bloom on becoming BYB Extreme CEO and future plans

Gregory Bloom has a decorated tenure in combat sports for nearly two decades and has recently gotten a big promotion within BYB Extreme.

Bloom appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts and several subjects were covered during our chat. Excerpts from our conversation are below.

Gregory Bloom

Advancing in the BYB Extreme hierarchy with this recent promotion here

“First off, I’m very excited with my new role as CEO. I’m looking forward to taking the baton from Mike Vazquez and Dada (5000) and really running with it. It is a bit of a transition. Coming from more of a boxing and MMA traditional background. I have been working with BYB the last two and a half, three years as the attorney. But now being elevated to this position, it’s very exciting. I feel that the sport has a lot of run way to grow and I’m looking forward to being part of that growth.”

BYB Extreme

Having multiple platforms in bare-knuckle boxing to create broader opportunities for independent contractors in that space to have several places to possibly go

“With BYB, we are looking to immediately continue the trajectory and push towards the number one sports property in the genre. Mike Vazquez has done a fantastic job in creating this alliance with BKB. Hoping to collectively spread the word of what we’re doing here. To grow the eyeballs that will be on the bare-knuckle space in general. I think that the ability to work together and sort of play nice in the sandbox with others is only going to be a benefit to the sport as a whole.”

Parting thoughts for Gregory Bloom

“Keep your eyes on BYB going forward. 2023 is going to be a tremendous year for the promotion. We are going to grow by leaps and bounds. You’re going to see us coming to your part of town very, very soon… We’d look forward to that a hundred percent (on coming to Canada). We would definitely look forward to that.”

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