Guide to Burning Wins Slot

Guide to Burning Wins Slot

When the first slot machine was presented to the public it was extremely simple. Three reels, a sequence of symbols and one single payline.

If we didn’t know what happened after, we probably would say, “there is no future for such a silly game”. The Bandits with one arm, this the nickname given to first introductions in casinos, became popular more than a century ago, and they have never stopped ever since.

The reason why this game at became that popular isn’t totally clear, a few people think that the reason is that in front of them we are all the same and the feeling to be at the same level stimulates people to play and win to demonstrate their supremacy.

Other people have different opinions on the reason why the machine has become so popular. Based on some theory the slots give the feeling that you can beat them, and the idea of easy money stimulate the adrenaline and then push people to play. To be honest, no one can say for certain why people love playing it, what we can say for sure is that, when there is a chance to win, we all want to play.

How to Play Burning Wins

Not too far from its ancestors, this slot machine has kept the main features which made the game famous.

Three reels, very clear symbols and even more simple paylines, just 5. Thanks to the little number of elements on the screen the developers had the possibility to use large symbols, very well made, and an even more tidy graphics.

The animations are simple but perfect, and the Player has the feeling to be playing a mechanical game. Due to the very low number of paylines, the winning combinations are always compound of three consecutive symbols. The Player has the possibility to click on one of the symbols on the screen and the system will show the reward associated to it, already calculated considering the stake bet.

This gives the opportunity to immediately consult the winning table. The stake can be set by wish. The Player can choose from a very little stake, just 10 pence, to a decent £100. The settings are very little. The Player can, change the volume of the sound effects, or even turn it off, and also select the fast spin. This last one gives the opportunity to skip the spinning animation. A useful autoplay button is placed on the right of the main spin button.

By clicking on it the Player has the possibility to select the number of auto-games he wants to run. There is also the chance to stop the automation by clicking on the same button which has turned into a “stop button”. For those who want to push on the gas, the maxbet button has been inserted and by clicking on it the stake will be set to £100.

Final thoughts

Nothing is better than the simplicity and this Slot machine is the prove.



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