How Comparing Energy Prices Can Save You Heaps?

How Comparing Energy Prices Can Save You Heaps?

In a deregulated market like Australia, you can save a lot on the total bill by comparing different kinds of plans available from different providers. However, despite the Australian market offering transparency, many few take the time to Compare Gas and Electricity plan. So, people miss out on the opportunity of saving money on the total bill.


How much can you save?

This depends on the place where you live. Also, the price difference between the cheapest and the expensive plan can be significant. For example, in QLS and ACT, there is 100 AUD gap. From this, you can figure out the price difference.

Comparing energy prices allows you to make informed decisions and potentially save money on your utility bills. By taking the time to compare electric company and their rates, you can find the most cost-effective option that best suits your energy needs and budget.


What affects your gas bill? Many factors can affect your total bill. You can Compare Gas and Electricity plans on the website. Here is a list of things to look for and where to find them:


  • Bill period- As the name suggests, it is the range in which the bill is generated. Natural gas is billed quarterly or in two to three months.
  • Supply Charge- Supply charges are a different type of bill that is not based on your usage pattern. It is calculated as the amount multiplied by the number of days in the billing period. It is generally the second page of your bill.
  • Usage charge- As the name suggests, it is calculated on the basis of your usage, it is calculated in terms of MJ (megajoule) and is in the same section of the supply charge.
  • Total Usage- Total Usage is the total MJs of gas that is used across the whole period. It’s the difference between your current bill and the last meter reading. It is found in the same section as the usage charge.
  • Discounts- There are many types of discounts that you can avail of. This list will be listed in the usage section and show how much you can save.
  • Tariffs- Your tariff may affect the type of meter that you choose. You can opt for a single rate meter that charges the same for every day. The other kind of charge is block tariff charge that charges differently based on the time of the day.
  • Seasonality- As the same suggests, this type of charge is based on the season here. The rates vary depending on winter and non-winter seasons.


Are you on a good deal for gas? As a consumer, you can easily Compare Gas and Electricity plans. However, it depends on various factors that we are going to discuss down below:


  • Rates- Always look at the rates, not the estimated price. Usage rates are the majority of your total bill. So, if one plan has a lower rate than the other, you end up paying less.
  • Fees- Try to find a plan with fewer fees. These charges include other types of fees such as paying by credit card and fees for moving. All fees are mentioned in the fee section on the plan sheet of the website.


It is important to consider all the points in order to save money on your bills. A longer-term contract can promise you a big discount but charge you an early exit fee. So before finalizing the plan, get to know what different kinds of fees are in your plan.


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