How Fighting Rules Can Help You Meet Partners And Build A Romantic Relationship

How Fighting Rules Can Help You Meet Partners And Build A Romantic Relationship

Is a relationship a lot like a fight? On a certain level, probably! A competitive spirit is strong in professional fighters and regular partners alike. Everyone who’s been in the middle of a heated couple’s argument about reaching a consensus on where to spend the weekend knows how ruthless they can be. Even Khabib could’ve learned a thing or two about standing his ground from girlfriends and boyfriends who don’t want to visit their spouse’s parents!

Frequently, we look at online dating as a saving grace. It aims to remove the contingency in finding a partner, thus ensuring that we connect with a like-minded person. Statistics show that the majority of USA singles get to know each other through dating services and sportsmen are no exception. You can discover a few things from their competitive mindset and make your relationship stronger and healthier. Embrace the athlete’s mindset and go for a win!

What fighting can teach you about meeting new partners

  • A fighter never backs down; that’s a fact. Even in battle with an opponent much stronger than they are, fighter stands up to the challenge. Even if the loss is unavoidable, the fight is a lesson for itself. Your chosen partner might be out of your league, but it never hurts to try… if you’re not a fighter, of course. Then it does – a lot. But in dating, you’re probably safe from direct damage, so don’t be afraid to reach out, talk to, and hook up with the person you see as perfect. At least you’ll get a proper motivation for self-improvement.
  • No success? Accept your loss and know when to quit. Never backing down from a challenge is one thing. Another is to understand that you lost. If things just don’t seem eye to eye, then it’s better to give up. Improve your soul, heart, and spirit to find a new partner, a new challenge, instead of hitting the bricks.

Fighting rules that will help in relationships

Achieved success? Good. Now is the hardest part! Like a human being, a relationship has its pressure points that can hurt a lot when activated, even unintentionally. To make sure your relationship thrives, adopt these fighting principles:

  • Always stay focused on your partner. Every distraction may prove fatal to your existence as a couple.
  • Be smart, not strong. A principle that can be applied to everything in life, but it’s crucial to romance. Don’t try to show your love’s strength with predictable techniques, like gifts or money. Try the smart approach: a compliment here, a surprise there, gentleness will take you farther than bravado.
  • And finally, any relationship is much harder than a fight. You can’t win alone. Achieving ultimate victory towards your partner, not opponent, is leaving you single. You won the argument, but at what price? Know what’s on their heart, take an interest in their hobbies and lives, because knowing what they want can assure a mutual win.

Get hurt and recover

You grow tired? Take a break. Time-out is equally important in combat and a relationship alike. If you or your partner get exhausted, it doesn’t mean that your relationship is finished. Get a good night’s sleep, think about your decisions. Whether it is a heated argument or a conversation leaving you drained, if you value your partner more than you love being right, you can always continue to fight – for your love.

Sometimes there comes a phase when it’s all clear. Your relationship is not working. As with meeting new partners, the same rules apply: a good fighter always knows when to quit. A good partner too. You may not like being alone, and you won’t like to lose, so recover. Talk to your family and friends, because everyone has their own team – not only boxers, fighters, and martial artists. They get you back on track so you could heal your wounds and continue in an endless battle for happiness!

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