How MMA Fighters Gain Weight During Bulking

How MMA Fighters Gain Weight During Bulking

Mixed martial arts, commonly known as MMA, is a hybrid combat sport that includes many supports like karate, wrestling, boxing, judo, and many more. This event is played in many counties, along with the 50 states of the US. Hence, maintaining their weight, muscles, and confidence for MMA players is very important.

Sometimes, while keeping the balance in between the weight, the players lose many muscles and unnecessary fats. When players encounter this type of situation, they get rejected for many tournaments. So, are you among the MMA players wondering how pro-MMA fighters gain weight so rapidly after bulking? And how can you gain weight like them?

Then, you are at the right place, as here I have listed some of the pro tips by which you can have complete guidance about how to gain weight rapidly yet in a healthy way.

Thus, buckle up and avail the benefits from this significant piece of advice and make yourself ready for tournaments. Know all about weight gain and healthy diets here.

How MMA Fighters Gain Weight – Pro Tips

Like you, many other beginner MMA players desire to know what methods best MMA players use to gain weight during bulking. Therefore, to resolve this suspense of many players, I have listed some of the best tips shared by the expert players.

By this guide, you will have a vivid idea about some weight-gaining methods. So, let’s see what those easiest strands are.

➔     Work According To Your Body Type

It is the first and the most important thing to consider. According to the biologist, there are three types of body ecto, meso, and endomorphs. Before starting your weight-gaining journey, it is essential to know your body type.

Ectomorphs are thin and resistant to weight gaining. It can be advantageous as it will resist fat gain, but on the other hand, the type of body players require a lot of effort to gain weight.

Similarly, the mesomorphs are able to lose and gain fat pretty efficiently. For them, gaining weight is a piece of cake. Most of the players fall in this category.

Lastly, some endomorphs have better ability in weight gain, but it can be very hectic for them when it comes to losing.

So, see what type of body you have and start planning your diets accordingly.

➔     Preserve the Calories

Many players eat in bulk, but they are unaware that they burn all the calories while training or at the gym. Hence, keep in mind that if you want to gain weight, store your calories. Know your BMR level and take the calories accordingly.

➔     Shape Your Diet

Shape your diet; what does that mean? It means adding necessary foods to your diet that can aid you in weight gaining. Just like meat, lots of protein and supplements. This heavy calorie food will definitely be the best solution for gaining weight. Thus, make a schedule of intake and know the amount while consuming.

➔     Avoid Overdoing the Cardio

Are you doing cardio during the weight-gaining period? What is the time period of your cardio session? Well, let me tell you that all your effort is going in vain if you are doing cardio. It’s because cardio burns all the fats along with the muscle fibers from your body. The diet that you are consuming will not be effective at all.

Therefore, rest yourself and let your body store some calories to boost your body muscles. If you still want cardio, ask your trainer about that. Never forget to remember your goal and body type while doing that.

➔     Never Stress For Small Fat Gains

Most of the time, players quit their weight gaining desire when they see some fat gains. According to experts, it’s okay to have a small number of fats in the body. It’s because these fats could be effective in maintaining your body and metabolism. Hence, never stop this period and focus on your diet when you are stuck in this situation.

➔     Focus On Training

While training, your primary focus should be on the tools you are using. Many players opt for the wrong equipment while bulking. Hence, consider the gym equipment rather than machines. It’s because by using tools, you will sow more effort that will help you in muscle building.

Moreover, go for low rep sets, almost 4-8, as they will boost your muscles better than machines.

➔     Consider Your Form

Are you working according to your form? Body form means the shape of your body, considering this factor is very vital while training. When you use the wrong tools, you might lose your form and end up having injuries.

Therefore, stand in front of the mirror, see your body form, and ask the trainer for better guidance.

➔     Have Rest

Have you had some rest or just pushed yourself into weight gaining? You might be thinking that weight gain requires effort then what is the link of rest with it? Let me tell you that muscles grow better at resting positions. Hence, make sure that you give your body rest for 7-8 hours after the workout so that you can have a massive and robust body to rock in tournaments.

How Should An MMA Fighter Be?

As you have grabbed the significant details of MMA fighters weight gaining periods. But do you have any idea about the skills that a superior MMA fighter should have? Having these traits is essential, especially when you are a starter, as it will assist you to perform better on the ground.

Here are those characteristics:

  • He should have mental and physical strength.
  • Able to maintain the discipline
  • Intelligent
  • Supportive
  • Have excellent background.


MMA is all about having a rigid body, excellent strength, stamina, and confidence. Therefore, beginners wonder how the experts’ players are so good at gaining and losing weight immediately. To aid you in this, I have listed some tips that you can follow for weight gain.

Hence, choose the best diet and training period and make your body able to win the MMA matches.


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